23 July 2010

An Abundance Of Geekery!

Hey everyone,

I'm a glutton for anything a little on the dorky side, and here's some stuff from TEH WISHLIST:

T-SHIRT: TruffleShuffle, £21.99
GAMEGIRL NECKLACE: Junkie Lovers, £6.
GLASSES: New Look, £4.
NINTENDO NECKLACE: Culture Vulture, £14.99.
CAMERA NECKLACE: Punky Pins, £10.
CASETTE NECKLACE: Heidi Seeker, £10.

I think however much people try to deny it - there's always something they like to geek-out over.

(NOTE: Links include spoilers!)

A few years ago I was involved in a good few fandoms, most predominently with Gyakuten Saiban/Ace Attorney, which is a series for the Nintendo DS.
I fell in love with the story of well-meaning lawyer Phoenix Wright, and his friends Maya Fey and Miles Edgeworth.

I also found it interesting how a lot of the online communities seemed to be run by female gamers. When I asked them why, a lot of them replied it was because the game features a lot of powerful but beautiful women, such as Mia Fey and Ema Skye.

I'm always fascinated with gaming, the internet, social networking and why people love it so much - I even took a class in my first year of University called Introduction To Cybercultures.
Our lecturer Rob walked in and said "Welcome Newbies to STUDY OF TEH INTARWEBS!"
It was honestly the coolest class ever. His first slide even read "A/S/L?"

What do you guys geek-out over?
I always love to hear what makes you tick and go all fangirly!


Muchos love,


  1. I'm a geek for sci-fi and comic books, especially Star Trek, X-Men and Batman. I'm also a computer geek, though not totally geek because I don't know a lot of stuff but I can still do complex things on my puter with no worries. I love PC games too! So yeah geeeeek :D

  2. I am definitely a computer/technology geek! Might love it even more than fashion! lol


  3. I love Buffy t-shirt *___* yay!!
    I'm a geek for sci-fi too and comic books. And above all for Doctor Who and Torchwood -_- for me is like a bloody drug. Marvel, DC, Star Wars, Star Trek, Stargate, Yaoi/Slash Merlin, Supernatural, bleh bleh bleh and tons of fanfics and comic cons and covnentions. An Also computer geek too Ô_o not so much but the neccesary for a graphic designer xD is my work!!
    In Spain we use to call these kind of people "Freaks" and we use "Geek" for fans of tecnology. But in the end, freaks/nerds/geeks are the same :) the difference is 3 or 4 different hobbies among them.

    When I was at the university I had a class called Sociology and cultural antropology and we used to discuss about the importance of internet and ciberculture in the new generations and how, the human and tecnological evolutions had created a new human generation who couldn't live without tecnology and part of this generation could use internet for, for example, be a hacker or buy items but they couldn't cook or do normal daily things if they hadn't tecnology close them. Like they were trained only for know how do things with tecnology close them Ô_o is ood.

  4. AHHHHHHH I loveeeeeeeee anime and computer games! I Just cannot help but reallly research everything about them! Im also actually a real geek about all things theatre, I love the history of theatre (probably because that's what my degree is in!). There's nothing I love more than getting immersed in things :) xxxx

  5. You know I love Doctor Who with an amazing passion! And I have 3 pairs of geek specs, including red ones

  6. I would love to take that class!
    I am most definitely a gaming geek! yeahhh

  7. Thank you for showing me that Nintendo necklace! I'm about to buy it but there's a million other things I like from the Culture Vulture website - it's sooo hard to decide!
    I'm a bit of a video game geek - I still play all my old consoles and you can find me most nights with my xbox live headset on. :D hehe.
    PS: I adore Buffy too - slowly making my way through the boxset. :) x

  8. I look at that picture going thats so cool, no that is, oh god so is that!!!!

    I geek out for Disney in a major way! When we were in disneyland recently we were asked to do a quick survey by staff, when they asked what made us come there I practically screamed at him "because I LOVE Disney!"


  9. Fushball: See I've never seen the appeal of comics, but two of my best friends Sam and Neale love them, as well as all the films/franchise that comes from them :) xx

    Blog to be Alive: Haha, I know - I think fashion is still on top, but technology has helped me to appreciate it all the more!

    VanessaValkyria: Me too! I love ANYTHING to do with Buffy. I used to have a Buffy bag when I was younger, I hope it's still stuffed in some wardrobe somewhere. Yeah my cybercultures class sounds very familiar to that - we discussed if online communication means we are having less face-to-face time with people around us, however there's so many positives, such as people are reading and writing more than they ever have done before!

    sophiewearing: Aww ace, I've always wanted to properly check out anime, but never really known where to start - any recommendations would be very welcome. OH I saw one really creepy one called Kodomo no Jikan which is WEEEEIRD!! Heh. Oh I love theatre too, especially musicals. Musical theatre stars are my rock stars ;) xxxxxxxxxxx

    Rach: You'll HAVE to take one of John Paul Green or Neil Perryman's classes when you start uni, you'l be in for a whale of a time!

    kyrie: Oh brilliant, what are your favourites?

    Mia: Oh I know right? I could seriously buy EVERYTHING from their website! :) I've never tried playing XBox :D

    giddynici: Aww that's so cute - I was watching YouTube videos a little while ago of the Peter Pan at Disneyland, he's AMAZING! Also check out the YouTuber Traci Hines, she's adorable too :)

  10. Oh my, that camera necklace is too cute!

  11. I used to be the bigges Lineage2 (a Mmorpg, dont know if you've heard about it :) ) player ever! I played aaallll the time. And that's actually how me an my fiancé met! :) But i dont have the time to play anymore, so now im just geeking out with Excel. I just looove making spreadsheets about everything. ;)

  12. Ok Rob sounds like the best lecturer who ever existed.
    I geek a lot over Harry Potter and bands, particularly Sparks, who i love like a teenybopper.

  13. Nothing better than a Blackberry! I have a Storm 2 and I'd be lost without it :)

    Katie xox

  14. pearlslaceandruffles: Isn't it? Ooh I just love it!

    Sara: Haha oh that's a cute story - oh Excel, how you taunt me! :)

    Lillian Funny Face: He's a right legend - really funny and speaks in L33T a lot of the time :) Aww I geek over Harry Potter too - I still sleep in my homemade Hufflepuff t-shirt :)

    Katiecakes: Hehe I'm already feeling the same! :DD

  15. I love Buffy too! Been watching it lots lately :D
    I'm also in love with Doctor Who and a few other sci-fi films and shows.
    I really love anime, ever since I did an Animated Film module at uni...I just fell in love! I got a bit over excited to see one of my favourite anime characters appear as a toy in Toy Story 3!! No one else understood tho! Xx