29 May 2010

Ann Summers Autumn/Winter Event!

[Please be aware that all links to the Ann Summers website may contain NSFW content. However this blog entry is fine - except for a picture of a very beautiful bra! - C]

Hey everyone,

As some of you may or may not know, I'm a brand ambassador for Ann Summers.
They're a wonderful company to work with, especially as a blogger - as they always tell me to be honest in my reviews, and to write whatever I think about the product, whether it be good or bad.

They were also kind enough to invite me to their press event to launch their Autumn/Winter collections.
This is pretty big news within the fashion world within the next few weeks, with places like New Look also having theirs.

I also invited one of my favourite bloggers, Lillian, as my plus-one.
She's priliminary a beauty blogger (with fabulous OOTD posts dotted around too), and seeing as the event were also hosting complimentary proceedures such as blow dries, manicures, makeovers and eyelash extensions I thought her a rather perfect candidate.

First of all - I love London. It's always an exciting place for me to visit.
But LOOK what greeted me when I got off the platform at King's Cross:

The Hogwarts Express!!

I am a massive Harry Potter fan, so I actually squealed with excitement.
It was just so magical, and it even went *choo choo*.
There were also Hogwarts suitcases piled up which I imagine were filled with quills, parchment, schoolbooks and rememberals.

The theme was 'Hollywood Scandal' and the peices are inspired by bygone eras and backstage glamour.
Given that the event was at the Palace Theatre (currently hosting Priscilla Queen of the Desert) it was very appropriate as it all felt very luxurious. And of course, camp!

Included were lingerie sets in Argyle print, candy-striped corsets, a pink sparkly plunge bra (which reminded me of something a trapeeze artist would wear!) and lots of vintage-y frills everywhere!

This bra was my favourite:

I think it's absolutely beautiful! And it was apparently inspired by the bra that Lady Gaga was wearing whilst clubbing in London, which is really cool!

As for beauty treatments, I got a fabulous makeover by the lovelies at The Dolls House, and I was given big silver glittery eyes and bright red lips.
Utterly utterly over the top, which I just loved. (Although I got some funny looks on my train journey home)

There was a massive waiting list for the eyelash extensions, but I was dead cheeky and hopped on when there was nobody around. Teehee.

They're never something I would have really considered before, but I was curious as to whether I'd be given a false-lash effect.
But actually, they are very realistic, and just elongate my lashes, making them look naturally longer!

(Apologies for the scary close-up. I look like I'm auditioning for the Big Brother eye!)

Whilst I was being pampered, Lillian had her very first manicure:

How cute, please?

There was also a bar with a choice of free cocktails, which were absolutely delicious - and ordinarily a £10 each, so we had a good few (Woo Woos and Rasberry Mojitos) and ended up a bit giggly.

Afterwards we went to a wonderful ice-cream place that Lillian knew, which sold some of the most fabulous dishes I've ever seen. Some of the ice cream was even shaped like spaghetti and fried eggs!
Totally eccentric, like something out of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!

But I went for a (fairly) traditional ice cream based on Ferraro Rocher chocolates:

Nom nom nom.

Lillian's ice cream was based on After Eight mint chocolates.

Movement after that quantity of ice cream was difficult, but I managed to shuffle over for a photo:

"I look like I have no eyebrows - like Bowie!" - Lillian.
(You can see some of my glitter makeup here!)

Then we said our goodbyes as I was going to meet my friend Michael, as he also happened to be in London (on an exciting top-secret mission. But I'll tell you guys as soon as I get the green light!).
But next time I'm around we're going partying - hoorah!

Because my day was so full (me and Michael went shopping in Shephard's Bush and went to a fantastic sushi place) I didn't get a proper chance to have a look in my goodie bag until I was on my train home.
In short, Ann Summers make the BEST goodie bags EVER!

Stockings, nipple tassels, fake tan, eyelashes, eye glitter/stars and moisturiser.
What more does a girl need in life, really?

I must admit I cracked up laughing when I pulled out the nipple tassels on a packed train.
I think I gave the grumpy old businessman sitting next to me a bit of a fright!

So thank you to Ann Summers for inviting me for a wonderful day, and to Lillian for being her sweet and charming self - be sure to check out her blog if you haven't already!

Muchos love,


  1. Oh my god, your lashes look amazing - as does the ice-cream!! xxx

  2. Your eyelashes look incredible!! Looks like it was fun! I haven't been in an Ann Summers store in years, not really a fan of the quality of their products personally!


  3. Emma Jane: Both were :DD

    pearlslaceandruffles: See I thought the same until recently. The girls were telling me how Ann Summers wasn't really seen as a modern brand, but they've completely rehauled everything so their stuff is right up there with places like La Senza. Wait until the Autumn/Winter stuff comes instore, I bet you'll be converted ;) xxx

  4. Nipple tassles ftw! Looks like you had soooo much fun! Totally jeallooooous! <3

  5. Wow, everything looks amazing! THE ICE CREAM MMMMM. :)

  6. I haven't looked in Ann Summers for lingerie in ages actually so it may definitely be about time I had a visit!

    What is the place you got the ice-creams from? They look amazing!!

  7. I haven't even managed to take a picture of the train platform yet (of the movie for my sister) better not tell her there's been the train now :P

    And I want to go to the ice cream place!

    Seems like you two had a great fun :)

  8. Great post! It looks like you had a truly decadent time :) The eyelashes are amazing and I wish I'd been there as a fly on the wall when you got out the nipple tassels on the train!

  9. Wow the Hogwarts Express!! Ahhh how exciting! You guys looked like you had fun! I wish I got a chance to go *dreamy look* lol ;D


  10. I literally cannot get over how amazing those lashes are! Soooo natural. There's a place in Dublin doing them, so I'll definitely have to try them now! Hurray!

  11. The ice cream looks delish!
    I had fun with you in London! and I shall keep you updated :)
    Enjoy your weekend.

  12. Elsa Weatherwax: Teehee, definately FTW - if I was Prime Minister I'd make them national dress ;DD

    Gazel M.: It was! Ooh I do love London so much.

    Sarah: Yep, the new collections are just wonderful. I can't link them all up yet as I only have the press release, but as soon as they're online I'll post again about them/price etc. I'll ask Lillian if she remembers what it's called as I honestly can't! It's near Leicester Square though :)

    Duvessa: Oh you must, especially as they have a place you can pose next to with a trolley going through the wall. They've also put the 9 3/4 sign back on platform 9 as well which is cool!

    Fiona: Haha, I'm so immature I honestly couldn't stop giggling at the tassels on the train. Although I think it was also a combination of sleep deprivation, sugar rush and cocktails ;)

    LaCara: It was, thank you! xxxxx

    lionsandtigersandsaraohmy: Aren't they? I even experimented last night with mascara as they looked absolutely fabulous! Give them a go and let me know how they look :DD xxxx

    Michael: Please do, and it was lovely hanging out with you as always xxxxx

  13. I LOVE Ann Summers. I love that it is fun, I love that they have bras which cater for big cup sizes, I love that their "costumes" go up past my size! This looks like a fab event!

    LOVE the Hogwarts Express too! x.

  14. I definitely will be trying them!
    Let us all know how long they last. I'd be afraid make up remover and a pad would pull them all out! I'm a demon for pulling my eyelashes out anyway. I know, it's ridiculous, but I can't help it. Especially after I've had mascara on. Thanks for posting the pic. Very excited about them now!