1 May 2010

What A Glorious Feelin'!

Hi everyone,

I'm out tonight for my friend Faye's 21st party, and the theme is Hollywood Films and TV Shows. So I'm going as Kathy from Singin' In The Rain:

DRESS: Matalan, £16.
UMBRELLA: Ebay, £7.
NECKLACE: Primark, £2.
BELT: New Look, £2.
TIGHTS: Primark, £1.50.
SOCKS: Borrowed from my mam.
TAP SHOES: Ebay, £5.

So yeah, a cheap as chips outfit. I love home-made costumes, they just seem more loved and you have a chance to be creative.

Singin' In The Rain is one of my favourite films, but I've been really inspired by dance numbers in general lately. Here are some of my favourites:

Jan Penchan Ho from Gumnaam.

That's How You Know from Enchanted.

You Make My Dreams from (500) Days Of Summer.

And my favourite number from Singin' In The Rain is All I Do Is Dream Of You, but YouTube won't let me embed it - boo!

In other news, Craig (he is no longer 'The Boy' since we've now broken up, but still very good friends) told me that I'm in this month's issue of The Crack, which is a free magazine in the North East about arts, culture, music and the like. I love it, so that's rather amazing.
If anything goes up on the website, I'll of course link you guys too.

Right, I'm off to the party. I'm going to look a right plonker on the metro.

Muchos love,


  1. how cute is the rainmac! lol

    have loadsa fun xxx

    sorry to hear about your relationship xxx big hugs

  2. ah i love jaan pehechaan ho! it puts me in such a good mood doing that dance! great costume, have a fun night!

  3. Sorry about your break up, but you look gorgeous xx

  4. OMG Love the colors!

    yellow and the black/white polka dots! so amazing! and such a cute umbrella!!

    love love love it!

  5. Jan Pehechaan Ho is amazing! Have you seen that scene at the start of Ghost World where Enid is dancing to it? That is basically me whenever I listen :D

  6. What an awesome outfit. Hope you had a fab time.

    I saw tap shoes in a charity shop today and totally wanted to buy them but had no reason to.


  7. You truly do know how to go out in the rain and looking ever-so-stylish. The umbrella and poncho are just perfection.


  8. My friend Tom quite liked your pic hehe! ;)
    Also I am loving the dress up, the shoes and socks - too cute.

  9. You're in The Crack??? WELL DONE YOU :D

  10. The outfit is perfect, you look the part but you look pretty trendy too. You'd brighten everyone's day if you went out like that in the rain.
    Also, I love Matalan!

  11. beautiful outfit! i love that 500 days of summer dance sequence haha.

  12. Hi hun!

    I can't believe I didn't find your blog until now! I love it--You're adorable and I love this costume! :)

    xo Allison of CurvyGirlChic


  13. Aww this is so perfect, I love it! And congrats on the article, too :) xx

  14. Oh my gosh, I am a HUGE fan of Singin' in the Rain. HUGE. Jealous face! You look adorable! What a fun theme for a party. xD

  15. Ooh, I love dressing up too! You are too cute!

    You should see my post on the Mad Hatter costume I came up with on Friday! lol



  16. You look great - hope you had a fab time!

  17. You look absolutely fantastic! Hope you had a great time at the party!

  18. Matron Jo: Hehe it's just a festival-style poncho which I reconstructed a bit, and nipped in with a belt :DD And we're fine xoxo

    K.M.: Me too, I just love it!

    Lollipop: Oh it's fine, and thank you very much :) xx

    Lodi: I know, I'm not a big yellow wearer but it works with monocrome. I'll have to invest in more yellow-things when I'm over my pastels obsession, methinks :)

    ingrid: Oh yes, Ghost World is one of my all-time favourite films. I was so like Enid as a teenager!

    giddinici: Thank you, and it was a great party. Hehe, I've never taken a dance class in my life - but I'm driving my mam mad by tap-tapping on the kitchen tiles! ;)

    Gazel: Hehe, in Newcastle it rains a lot so you have to dance around to cheer yourself up!

    Fushball: Who is this Tom character? Your manchum? And I haven't worn socks and shoes like that since I was a bairn, so it was really fun.

    SillyOldDaniel: Aye :DD Chuffed!

    Bethamint: Awww thank you!! :DD That's so sweet of you to say. And I only really like Matalan when their new collections come out as they sell out in bigger sizes incredibly quickly, so you have to be snappy.

    Helen: Thank you, I do too - It's my dream for everyone to suddenly start singing and dancing randomly.

    CurvyGirlChic: Aww thank you, and I'm very glad you are here :DD xoxo

    thepocketrocket: Thank you my darling xxxxxx

    L: Me too, I love it so much. I even saw it on stage last year, which was just wonderful!

    Rebequita Rose: Hehe so many people I know dread costume parties - I LOVE putting outfits together and assuming a character, you can be so creative with it.

    Emma Jane: Thank you, and I did :) xx

    Lillian Funny Face: Thank yoooou <33 Yeah it was a good'un :) xxxxxx

  19. Love love love your outfit - Singin' In The Rain is the perfect cheer up movie. It makes me want to go out into the rain and dance and swing around lamp posts :)

    I love polka dots, so whats not to love about your outfit? :)

  20. polkadotrainbows: Me too! And I definately need to buy more things with polkadots on - they suit EVERYBODY! :) xx

  21. Wow, you're adorable!!! You look great.


  22. I LOVE this outfit. I love it even more because it was inspired by Singin' in the Rain - one of my favourite films of all time. I've watched it so many times with my mum I think we could recite the whole thing. "And I caaaaaaaaaaan't staaaaaand him."

  23. The Pale And Pallor Princess: Thank you :DD

    Frances: Aww thank you - it's one of my favourite films of all time too. It's such a rainy Sunday afternoon film I love snuggling up with a nice mug of tea and watching it :)
    I saw the stage version and they'd given Lena an extra song called 'What's Wrong With Me?' :DD

  24. That outfit is as cute as!!!