4 May 2010

Another Illamasqua Convert! & Press!

Hey everyone,

Blogspot just ATE my last attempt at this - second time lucky!!

I was out shopping with my mam today, and just realised that my local Fenwicks (department store) has started selling Illamsqua makeup on a stand. I've heard about this brand from various bloggers, many of whom have converted over from MAC.

I was so excited to try it, the lovely girl at the counter must have seen my face, so sat me down and tried some of the products on me. I was already wearing eyeliner, eyebrow pencil and foundation, so she just wiped the foundation off me, and popped on some RF140 which have a beautiful even coverage. It was a little more yellow than what I usually have, but it seemed to give me a more glowing colour.

Next I tried some blusher. I love pink dolly cheeks, but have also wanted to experiment with peachy shades, so she brought over some 'Unrequited' (a soft baby pink) and 'Lover' (a warm apricot). They both gave a gorgeous matte finish, but I still prefered the pink look.

And finally I tried a lipstick - pink again with 'Filth'. It was a bright, pigmented Barbie-pink, but I wasn't too keen on the consistency. It seemed very chalky and drying, although I didn't have any lip moisturiser or lip gloss.

However, this was the finished look:

Apologies for the vest top/bra strap combo - I'm a disgrace to fashion bloggers everywhere.
My bedroom was also pretty bright so you can't see the blush very well. But you can see the smooth, even coverage of the foundation.

And the packaging - it's pretty and simple.
(I also got Vivienne Westwood's 'Boudoir' perfume for my 21st from my Uncle Paul - but I'm not opening it until my actual birthday on the 12th!)

Also, want to hear something silly?
Until I heard the correct pronounciation of Illamasqua (Ill-a-mask-a), I thought the 'Ill' part was an 'Ll' - maing it LLAMA-ESQUE!

But thank you to the lovely girl in Fenwicks for suggesting some lovely products without being pushy at all - I wish I'd caught her name to give her a proper shout-out.

I also had some good news this week. I am in the What & Wear section of this month's The Crack. If you haven't heard of it, it's a culture magazine printed and distributed in the North East. It features music, film, art, theatre, dance and LGBT along with fashion features:

You can also read the article online.
What a lovely write-up, I was so pleased! Thank you, thank you!

It was just the pick-me-up I needed, as the past few weeks I've felt a bit disheartened with the blogosphere as I mentioned on my Twitter last night.

It's just the little things that have been niggling me - from bloggers bragging about how many followers they have, and lesser-known bloggers whinging abut not having "enough", while bugging others for links or mentions.

Followers aren't just a number. I am of course overjoyed that lots of people enjoy reading what I have to say - but I definately don't worry if I lose a follower, or tell everyone I know when I get a new one.

Just the same way I only follow blogs that I think are original, inspiring and have interesting content. I certainly would never follow a blog in the hope that I'd be followed back!

And as much as I love my sister, she really did kick me when I was down last night. She's not too familiar with blogging (although she does read this from time-to-time) and asked me:

"Is it not just a bunch of girls talking about themselves?"

Which I suppose it is in a way. One of the reasons we all have this blogging community is that we all have one thing in common - that we want to share something that we are passionate about, and presenting ourselves on a public forum.

But it got me worrying that I'm coming off as arrogant and self-obsessed to non-blogging folk.
However when I asked my mam her opinion over lunch today, she told me to stop being an idiot. As mother's do.

So yeah, I'm back on the wagon. I just need to concentrate on what I do, and what I love.
But what about you guys - has anyone in the non-immediate blogosphere ever thought what you did was self-indulgent?
I'd love to hear your experiences.

Muchos love,


  1. Ha my boyfriend wrinkled his nose at my blog and said "er...is that not a bit sad?"


  2. Yeah I think that's what my sis thought too - I don't see what's more sad than reading a fashion magazine or a beauty article in print! :)

    The only real difference is (most of us) we don't get paid and are free to give our honest opinion :) xxx

  3. I've just made my blog- and its really me and my mates who read it, which is fine. Thats why I created it. For my friends and myself.

    Happy Birthday for the 12th!

  4. I'm fairly sure that hardly any of my RL friends know about my blog; they do know I sometimes go to shows and get to shoot them for a website and that I write a heck of a lot but unless any of them really pay attention to my email signature... I doubt anyone really knows. Maybe I should ask?

    That said: I think blogging is a great tool for networking and meeting new people who share the same interests... I doubt anyone would call that 'being self-centered'?

  5. I've been reading this blog for ages but I've only just got a blogger account so will follow it now! I love it by the way!
    I've been blogging for like 6 or 7 years and have spent the whole time being called self absorbed etc, but I don't care as I love doing it and I love reading other people's blogs as well. And people don't have to read it if they don't like it!

  6. My parents and family think I'm self obsessed but I like it . I love the sense of community, and whilst I love getting followers, it's more rewarding to have people who genuinely read it and like it :)

    And I love your blog, and you are SUCH a nice person <3

  7. Aw out of all the fashion blogs I read (not loads, but a fair few) you come across as the most down to earth and sweet so don't worry my dear :)
    Great review x x

  8. Love your blog petal - saw it in The Crack, congrats!
    L x

  9. Ria: That's so cool you have a blog just for your friends! :) As long as you're having fun, that's the main thing to worry about!

    Anisha: Quite a lot of people I know, know about my blog because I study Media and things like blogging and social networking tend to be high on the conversational agenda. But there's loads of bloggers whose family and even partners don't know they blog. It's still got a bit of a stigma attatched of giving yourself to the worrysome internet ;)

    doublevodkacoke: Aww thank you! And I'm definately agreeing with the 'don't like, don't read' mantra :)

    Danni and Maria: I really don't get 'self-centred' from you at all! I think all parents think that of their kids as we think the world revolves around us!

    ingrid: That's so sweet of you to say, thank you very much! <333

    L: Oh cool, glad to have you here! And I like your blog too - I love street fashion, and was wondering if there were any based in Newcastle! <33

  10. I know what you mean - lately I've noticed so many people doing giveaways to celebrate that they have so many followers and I find that strange, idk. I do see how many people are following mine and always feel flattered that so many people would, but I don't feel under pressure to talk about it or celebrate getting to a certain number. And I don't feel too sad if people unsubscribe - I unsusbscribe to blogs all the time if my interests change or they change! I blog for me and I think that is the secret to a happy blog.

    My blog got put up on the big projector in Uni the other week! I was so embarrassed at first, but then my tutor was going on about how it's good to blog blah blah blah. So then I felt a bit better. Still, there are certain people I would let know and certain people I keep it a secret from. Luckily my boyfriend likes and supports my blog.

  11. Bleh, it doesn't matter if people think it's self-centred or whatever. I do it for fun and nothing else, and that's all that matters.

    Congrats on the article, btw.



  12. I don't complain about followers any more, but I always love having a new one and investigating their own blog, same for comments, I love them! Yeah my mum thinks I am being self-interested when I take pics... I just wanna share my nice top! lol xxx

  13. Here! Divvent start thinking like that, woman. Your blog is incredible and that is why people read it. Glad you're feeling better anyway, as I love love love you and am very glad we are friends :) x

  14. I don't think anyone in "real life" knows I even have a blog! But so what if people think it's self centred? I don't see how it can be any worse than having a conversation with your mates about clothes or showing round your holiday photos to the people you work with. If people read and comment, they're clearly interested in what you have to say and if there's an audience, then keep up the good work!

  15. Helen: Yeah I do agree with you. I had a 100 Followers Giveaway, but really I just wanted any excuse to do one - I certainly didn't milk the fact, or try to bribe new followers :) I'm totally with you - if I don't like a blog anymore, I'll just unfollow, and it's not the end of the world. Just some bloggers really seem to take it to heart, which is a pity!
    HAHA that's happened to me before - my friend Jamilah does PR at uni, and she has a social media class where they have to create a blog - and they use MINE as an example! I'd be so embarassed if I was in that class, haha! <33

    Gazel: Thank you! xxx

    Fushball: Yeah it's always nice to have a new follower or comment, but it's when people harp on and on about it that gets me. xx

    Daniel: You knows I love you too :) You're a very dear friend, and your blog is one of my favourites <333

    Alex: Thanks :) xxx

    girlinthecity: Awww thank you so much. I just adore Edinburgh, I can really see myself living there one day. I even applied to uni at QMU but I was worried the commute to town would be too far every morning. I've never been to Glasgae, but always wanted to go! (Your fellow Weegie writes a book review blog here if you're interested: http://book-odyssey.blogspot.com/)
    I'm glad you like Newcastle too - it'll always feel like home to me. And I'm glad my blog made you smile - it's what it's all about! :) xxxxxxxx

  16. Haha, I've never met your mum but I like her!
    My closest friends in real life are guys, and I don't think they make much of my blog, it probably would seem a bit self-centered to them. But I don't really care!

  17. I love the fact you got a make over [well change]. I use mac and pretty much nothing else so its always helpful to have someone else's opinion. I kinda don't have the ability to say no face to face.

    Also, i get what you mean about the blogging world, I only follow blogs that I am truly intrested in, not just because they have tons of followers. I mean, I have a blog but I never ever expect people to follow. Its my own little world, it is nice but it's not the end of the world if i never get any followers.

    don't let it get you down,. from what I can tell, you love blogging so don't let that stop you...plus I love your advice and tips!


  18. woo-hoo! congrats on the feature hun! well deserved!

  19. I completely agree with what quite a few of you are saying here, I only started blogging a few months ago and have my humble little blog as a record for me and its my own little world and if anyone would like to dip in at any point then thats fantastic :) I can spend hours reading other peoples blogs and feel inspired by peoples findings and ideas. I think blogging is a wonderful escape and a lovely little world (well in my experience so far anyway :) )


  20. The lipstick looks gorgeous on you. I could never pull off such a shade.

    I was amongst the people on Twitter who talked about stats etc I hope you didn't misunderstood me. I wasn't begging for more followers/readers. I was just stating the fact that the media/press seem to always mention the same bloggers when other people also deserve to be known. Not for the "fame" or anything but because they also bring something to the community. I've decided to feature links and a blog each week on mine. It's not like I have 100,000 hits a month but I thought it'd help some get out there and not get discouraged and stop blogging. It can be a little frustrating sometimes when you blog and never get comments. Just wanted to clear that up. :)

  21. Your blog is awesome, congrats on the piece in The Crack.

    I imagine I might get that kinda comment if some people knew I had a blog but they would be foolish. I just blog because I want to and I quite like that its a virtual diary for me to look back on. I don't push myself to blog so many times or anything, I just do it when I have something to say or something is going on. And I am so with you on followers, I have very few but that doesn't bother me as the ones I do have are fab and leave me lovely comments!!!


  22. i really really like the neclaces- i had forgotten completely about that site- thanks for reminding me! :) xx

  23. Hee hee i'm really glad you've come over to the Illamasqua side, and i think 'Llamasqua' is adorable - 'make up your Alpaca ego' XP
    The finished look on you is great!
    Congratulations on the write up!

  24. I'm late to this post, but I'm obsessed with Illamasqua so I thought it was a good post to introduce myself on... I've been reading your blog for a few weeks and I LOVE it (came across you via LJ). You're awesome. :)