9 May 2010

Outfit Post & Window Shopping!

Hey everyone,

First Outfit Post in FOREVERRRRR:

DRESS: New Look (Exclusives range), £35.
SHIRT: New Look, £18.
BELT: New Look, £2.
HAIRBAND: New Look, £Prize.
NECKLACE: Topshop, £8.
(They were my boots from Fenwicks)

Apologies for the changing room pic, and the chopping-my-feet-off like I used to do in the good old days of Ye Olde MessyCarla posts.

I went with my mam and sister to pick out prom accessories. Not for me unfortunately.
Me and Nadia have completely different styles - so instead of being a hindrance I went window shopping.

First stop was New Look:

I LOOVES this outfit (not with those tights of course!). I ended up buying the top and skirt.
The skirt is so much cuter in real life - it looks black here, wheras it's really a rich navy. And you can hardly see the massive bow!

Because New Look currently has 20% off for all students, and my skirt was a little pricey - the top ended up coming to just £2 (Originally £8). Brill!
I wanted the shrug/jacket thingy too, but it was £40. Rightly so though, as it's totally gorgeous and has so much detail to it.

Mam and Nadia were still arguing over something-or-other, so I went to River Island:

I've been wanting to check out this dress since seeing Kelly Osbourne sporting a similar one at Coachella festival:

SO cute - and I love her lilac cardigan and matching hair!

However I think I look a little bit like a granny in her nightie in it.
Our next-door neighbour used to make us these nighties as a kid and it's got exactly the same texture of the material!

Close-up of the belt is neccessary however:

It's just so detailed - but unfortunately at the moment, I can't afford £30+ for a belt!
There's also a similar black one that I've been lusting after for months now!

So that's that.

Oh, and if you're interested - my sister ended up picking out a £50 clutch bag.
It was quite a snooty shop, and I think I offended the owner when I tried on a sparkly cocktail ring I lied and told her I love diamanté when she came nosing over.
And she replied rather stiffly "Those are Swarovski Crystals!"

Thanks for all your supportive comments on my last entry about Cyberbulling within the blogosphere - I know it's only a small majority of folks trying to cause drama. I really appreciate you guys so much!

I'm going to pretty much disappear for a few days - however it's my 21st birthday on Wednesday, so I shall have a haul post thereafter.

Muchos love,


  1. Oh my days ur style is amazing i LOVE the tights with all my heart and think they go with every outfit .. that belt ooohhhhh right my stop drooling ... HAPPY BIRTHDAY hunnie pie for wednesday .... xxxxxxx

  2. No way the kelly osbourn hair !but her dress is pretty.
    I love your asos tights, how size is it ?? I do not think that I can wear asos tights in standard size.

  3. I have the I hear paris top. I loved the river island dress. I think you look really nice in it!

  4. I love Luke and Kelly so much! They're too cute and far from looking like a granny you look fab in that dress! Don't remind me of the 20% off lmao too much temptation! Love what you got especially the skirt and I want your tights <3!

    I hate fools like that woman. There's a woman in my House of Fraser who is so haughty and arrogant. She struts around as though she's the Queen. I just think 'not to be rude love but you work in Binns!'

  5. oh the kelly type dress is so cute! i love kelly's hair at the moment- although she's looking so small, not like her usual self!
    loving that new look jacket aswell, may have to go try that on :)

  6. Oh my god, Kelly Osbourne looks like she needs a good portion of chips and cheese in that photo! Poor girl!

    LOL @ Swarovski crystals.

    The belt is nice, but River Island is soooo dear. I got a really nice granny chic dress in New Look. Nice and soft and perfect for throwing on on chubby days/after the gym when you're all wet and cant force your skinnies on!


  7. Loving those tights!

    I've got a really similar denim shirt to yours, that I practically live in - great item :)

    That River Island dress is so pretty - I didn't think Granny nightie, just that it was gorgeous! Kelly Osbourne's looking incredibly slim in that pic isn't she?

    Hope you have a fantastic birthday - looking forward to seeing what you get :)


  8. Happy Birthday for wednesday... ahem... buy yourself that River Island belt as a self-gift. For serious. Wow. x.

  9. Carla you are so beautifully unpretentious I could kiss you. "Those are Swarvoski crystals". Incredible.

    I love love love your tights btw :)



    God I love everything you put together, it's brilliant. Second outfit is my fave, yes, WITH the tights! :D xx

  11. Matron-Jo: Awww thank you! I don't usually wear patterned tights as a general rule they make chubby legs looks chubbier. But I just loved them! :) And that belt is just gorgeous <33

    xladx: I love the Paris top, but I'm generally loving coral atm! Thankies - grannie chic FTW!

    Le blog de Letilor: Hehe, see I love the whole lilac/blue rinse look I just think it's so cute and off-beat. They're one size fit all - I'm a size 16-18, and they fit me fine. AND on sale at the moment for only £3!

    K.M.: True she's soooo teeny at the moment, but I've always loved her, even when she was a bratty teenager! The New Look jacket is just so cool and comfy for the summer.

    StephanieDJL: Me too they're one of my fave celebrity couples <33 I don't get when someone who owns a little shop comes snooting around, but when I was in Harvey Nichols in Edinburgh I was dancing about with an Alexander McQueen handbag on my arm and Chloé glasses on my nose and all the lasses were just laughing!

    Jemma: I know, I hope she got some festival goodies down her - like burgers and fizzy pop! But being in LA I bet it was all tofu and steamed veg. Rock n' roll, no? :DD And yeah River Island's expensive sometimes but I think their stuff is just such good quality wheras Primark dresses fall apart after a few uses for me.

    heartshapedbruise: Oh I LIVE in mine too, it just goes with everything. Same with my little denim crop jacket too. I can't WAIT for my birthday - and I'm having a pink tea party on Tuesday so I'll be blogging about that too :)

    Daniel: I really am. I know my McQueen from my Fendi, but I bloody well struggle to spot real crystals! My friend Claire works at H Samuels and can spot stones a mile away! I love love love YOUUU! ;)

    Lauren: Stunning isn't it? Thankies :DD xxxxx

  12. I think kelly looks much more granny like in it, maybe because of her hair xD But I love the dress on her and that one on you aswell.
    And that belt omg! how lovely is this? sooo cute!

    Oh and btw , sorry hun, but the most sexiest thing on this post is luke awwwwwww <3 <3 <3


  13. Oooh how do asos tights fit? I tend to stay clear of one size fits all tights.

    Laaavely stuff m'dear! xo

  14. I LOVE your stockings!!! Those are quite possibly the cutest stockings I've ever seen. Also that belt is amazing!
    The skirt you bought is great too. Love your taste.


  15. talk about amazing finds! that belt is frikkin' awesome omg. Love the outfits, there's nothing granny about you in the floral print one, I actually think Kelly is the one who looks a bit grannyish. Why the hell is she so skinny now too :(

  16. OMG! I need that New Look jacket! It's awesome! Am in love with River Island and that dress looks good with the belt. I do have the black one and get comments on it all the time. I think their stuff is so unusual, I never see anyone else wearing it xx

  17. that floral dress is amazing, wow. xoxox jen

  18. Oh my god the last outfit is amaaaaaazing! I love that sort of blue-on-white-flowery fabric (theres a proper name for it i've forgotten of course). The dress looks great on your killer figure! And the belt is so wonderful i want the whole thing! But... £30 for a belt :/
    Ha ha ha at the ring thing. I love diamante, i see no point in fancy schmancy crystals :P
    Hope you have a wonderful birthday :)
    And yay for the tights :D

  19. Hello there, I just love your 3rd outfit! that floral dress is just beautiful

  20. That belt is amazing, I think you need it!
    Have a fab birthday, you only turn 21 once!

  21. i have those asos tights but in white and red and they're a bit too loud for me! haha. i kind of wish i got them in black and white now. you look great in all these outfits, you should buy everything! haha (except maybe that £30 belt...ouch)

  22. I'm surprised you don't like the floral dress that much - I took one look at the photo and thought "Wow!" Fabric can be a funny old thing though, I'm always putting things back because they feel funny.

    The belt is stunning! Can you not persuade someone to get it for you as a birthday present?

  23. That belt is out of this world! I'd buy it in a heartbeat if they had my size!

    I've always loved Kelly Osbourne but since her weight loss she really looks like a different person I think. I've read that for the first time in 9 years she doesn't hate herself so as long as she is happy. :)

  24. Hello there, I just love your 3rd outfit! that floral dress is just beautiful

    I don't even care about the £30, I'll just live off noodles for the next week.
    Thank you for bringing it into my life I will buy it tomorrow.

  26. Katrin: Oh I love Kelly and Luke <333

    frenchforcupcake: Well, I'm a 16-18 and they fit lovely - I even wear my tights over my belleh, and they're fine there too, stay up lovely :DD They're good quality too.

    The Pale and Pallor Princess: Aww thank you xx

    Weesha: I know, Kelly needs a good few sandwiches down her methinks :)

    VintageGirl87: I love River Island, it's probably my favourite shop - especially in sales, I've got some beautiful dresses for a fiver and tenner each!

    jennifer ann: Thanks, I'm glad you like it :)

    Lillian: YOU'RE the one with the killer figure, Missy! Oh diamante's just so cheap and cheerful - I swear that's all they were! TIGHTS TWINS!! xxx

    Landra: Thankies :) xxx

    Laura: Thank you, I'll be posting all about it - lots of food is going to be eaten the next few days and I can't wait to tell you all about my pink tea party!!

    Helen: The tights are still in stock at only ASOS so worth picking some up :) xxxx

    Alex: Yeah it was more the material, it feels just like the nightie fabric from when I was a kid! Belive me, I've always asked for waaaay too much for my birthday ;DD

    Blog to be Alive: Well that's a L and it fit me - it was surpringly roomy actually! Most of my belts are a bit tight but who cares? xDD I'll always love Miss Osbourne :)

    Landra: Thank you!! xxxx

    doublevodkacoke: It really is exquisite for the high street isn't it? Ooh link me to a pic if you get it :DD xxxx

  27. I love love LOVE the cream and lilac flower dress..you look gorgeous!! It really suits you :D


  28. The belt really is a thing of beauty!

    Wow, 20 % off for students? I want shops over here to do that as well!

  29. I adore your heart tights! What a bargain. I also love the Kelly Osbourne style frock. You are too cute and super stylish! I found you from YF&F and can't wait to read more!

  30. Danni: Aww thank you <33

    Anisha: Stunning isn't it? Usually the cap is at 10% - but from time to time New Look and Dorothy Perkins boost this up to 20% :)

    Jesspgh: Aww thank you so much! It's amazing to be on YFF - Gabi's such an inspiration to me! I hope you enjoy reading :) Welcome to the madhouse ;DD xxxxxxxx

  31. that skirt looks georgous and it has a bow?! i'm so jealous. also love the dress. fits you like a glove. welcome to the 21st year of your life though. i'm 21 too! its a pretty cool stage. since i live in the US, I order a bunch of my stuff from England, i think you guys have a pretty amazing sense of style. i just got ur link from YFF. you have just officially gotten a new stulker.

  32. uk seriously have the best stuff! im so jealous! u look amazing in all these outfits hun!

  33. Thanks for stopping by the blog! <3 I looove the looks you put together! Those tights are seriously to die for! :)

    xo Allison of CurvyGirlChic

  34. I saw your feature on young, fat & fabulous and your style is great! Love the blog : )


  35. Love the River Island dress!!!Got my runner-up prize yesterday, thank you so much again, love the hairband and the nailpolish and my hubbie ate most of the caddy eggs straight away! :)
    ps. Congrats on being featured on YFF!

  36. That belt is to die for!
    I have the New Look denim shirt... i actually love it, almost as much as i love your style :]

    lovelovelove xxx

  37. That fat-shionista's wardrobe: YEP, I love the bow but it doesn't show too well in the photo. Yeah when I was in the USA I struggled to find clothes that fit my body shape - though I LOVE the t-shirts from Hot Topic, they're too cute! Is a 'stulker' a cool word for a 'stalker'? If so STALK AWAY! ;DD Welcome!!

    BBM: I know I am so grateful for our high street brands! :)

    CurvyGirlChic: Thank you! They're only £3 at Asos right now, and a lovely fit :D

    CICI: I was so pleased Gabi chose my blog to showcase, she's such an inspiration to me! I'm glad you like my blog too :)

    Ulrika: HOORAH! I'm so glad they arrived safe and sound :) And thank yooou! xxxx

    RoboRain: Hehe I think everyone has that denim shirt - a girl sat next to me on the metro with it on the other day, and she's even styled it exactly the same with a black dress and long gold necklace! Teehee it was so awkward, but it's such a lovely fitting shirt :) xxx

  38. Hey Carla, wishing you a belated Happy Birthday! Hope you're 21st was major! Nadia xx

  39. Those tights are too cute! Happy Birthday!

    The Curvy Girl's Guide to Style

  40. Hi!! I just came across your blog.. Love your super cute style.. you are adorable. :) Looking forward to reading/seeing more! Happy Thursday.

    xx Love & Aloha

  41. Hey, just wanted to pop in as I'm a new follower of yours! I love your blog so far, your fashion and attitude about size acceptance in the fashion community rock!

  42. VintageGirl87: Hehe yeah it was amazing, thank you :) xxxx

    Chastity: I know I love them too. And thank you :) xxxx

    sharonlei: Thank yoou, I hope you enjoy reading :) xxxxxxxxx

    FatshionablyChubby: It's so fabulous, isn't it? xxx

    Kirstin: Aww thank you - for me it's all about having a positive body image and working with what you have :) I'm so glad you like it here xxxxxx

  43. How funny about the shop owner :)
    LOVE that hairbow in your picks. Too fabulous.
    You look WAY BETTER than Kelly in your dress. I think she looks like an old granny!

  44. that belt is to die for. brb...dying...