5 May 2010

Indie Spotlight: Heidi Seeker!

Hey everyone,

As much as I love my high street clothes, I also love supporting independent designers and boutiques. So I'm going to try as do a Spotlights series, for some of my absolute favourites!

I've been a MASSIVE Heidi Seeker fan since I was about 16 now. I was going through my electro phase, and loved everything glittery, neon and in-your-face. And that's pretty much Heidi Seeker to a tee.

I've absolutely loved personalised items ever since I was a little kid, and everyone had those hairbands with their names on them from the market (remember them?).
But a lot of indie boutiques' personalised items are sky-high prices (some even charge per letter!). But Heidi Seeker's stuff is very reasonable, with necklaces starting at just £5.

And I have got a good few Heidi Seeker items from over the years, but they were kind enough to send me some things from their latest ranges which was incredibly kind of them!

Apple glitter necklace (£10), also available in neon.
Star mini-clip (£5). Also available in red/white and silver/pink.
I love how the pin especially brightens up an ordinary denim jacket - I feel like a character from Jem! And it can also be worn in your hair!

Mini-bolt hairclip (£3.50). A larger one is also available for £5.50.
I've had this for nearly five years now, and it's still bright as ever!

AMAZING Boombox bag. This is what I use for my overnight bag.
It's strong, sturdy and has lasted me for years now.
This one isn't available anymore, however they have a similar design on shopper-style bags, with in-built SPEAKERS! (Prices £18-£25)

Personalised Heart necklace (£10)
This necklace was made popular by the girlband The Pipettes who wore them in some promotional pictures! Also available in blue/silver and pink/yellow.

MASSIVE Personalised Handwriting neclace (£10).
This is just TOO cute, and the biggest necklace I own, so people never miss it. It matches my pencil case! (below) Also available in gold, green and red.

Going back to school = NEVER dull with Heidi Seeker.
The Fawn ipod case was a present from my friend Hattie and is now unavailable (but drop the guys a line if you like it - they're always bringing back retired items if there's demand!).
The Personalised Pencil Case (£6) comes with a Heidi Seeker felt bow, paper clip and a badge. VERY cute and unique item for school - though since I'm a big girl now, I use mine as a makeup bag!
Also available in yellow, orange and pink.

And if that wasn't enough, I've also compiled a wishlist of items I'm saving up my pocket money for:

APPLE BAG: £13. (+£2 for personalisation)

So everyone, go check out http://www.heidiseeker.com/. (They've also recently re-launched Heidi's Jukebox - which I've discovered a lot of my favourite bands from).
They also have testimonials from happy customers in their High 5 section, which is always sweet to how other people are wearing their goodies!

Muchos love,


  1. I LOVE that boombox bag!! I also think it's awesome that you made a reference to Jem! That's outrageous! Truly, truly, truly outrageous!! LOL :)

  2. I love love love Heidi Seeker, and I'd forgotten how long it's been since I've checked out the merch. And, indeed, how long it's been since I've had the money or inclination to buy something for myself!

  3. The boombox bag is amazing! I love the name necklaces too!

  4. Oh how much do I want the pony jumper and the cat beret?!

  5. I love the pencil case!

  6. I love this little idependant brand. I remember when I first discovered them about 3/4years ago now. And i'm so happy there still going strong.

    Much appreciation for the boom box bag, I have two that I don't think I will ever be able to part with !

  7. Awww I loved The Pipettes!! I've got one of the heart personalised necklaces and it is awesome!! :)

  8. The Cat Beret looks cute! Maybe a bit too cute shop for my taste but there are few I could go out with :D

    And I just noticed your background is making my eyes all weird :P

  9. I love love love Heidi Seeker! :D
    My grandma bought me a Mystery Bag from them for my last birthday, so I have the ice cream pin (I literally just put it on everything). I want the apple necklace! :D
    Time to start saving up pocket money, methinks.

  10. All those items look fantastic.... am off for a nosy!! x

  11. I have that fawn ipod case! I love it, it's lasted me for yeeears.

  12. I really love Heidi Seeker, i have a lot of the stuff you do (Boombox Bag, apple necklace, heart necklace) and the bag on your wishlist. I've been a customer for years :)

  13. You just totally made me fall in love.

    Its just a tease though because I'm in the US and everything's so far out of my price range once you tack on shipping :/

  14. HEYY everyone, thanks for all your LOVELY comments! Sorry it's taken me a while to reply but I've been offline quite a bit this week :)

    Dacia: I was born in 89, so loads of the 80s cartoons were still being shown. I loved the "boys' shows" like SuperTed and Bananaman, but also the "girl's shows" like Barbie And The Rockers and Jem! <33

    Beth: DO ITTTT :DD Heidi Seeker doesn't count as everyone should wear their stuff ;)

    Emma Jane: I just love it and it's SO hard wearing! The name necklaces are such good value.

    Lucy: Me toooo, makes me want to go back to school to show it off. Almost! ;)

    Alex: LOTS I hope ;D xx

    Alice: Yeah me too <33 The boombox bags are a friend for life!

    Sarah T: Aww cooool! xxxx

    Duvessa: Hey, leave my polka dots alone! Teehee ;DD xxxx

    Nattie: Me too! Aww that's awesome, I've always wanted to try my luck with one of the mystery bags. My sister got a Mystery Bag with Lazy Oaf one Christmas and got such good value for money!

    GiddiNici: They really are - let me know if you buy anything, I love swapping Heidi Seeker stories :)

    Anon: Me too, it's still good as new! xxx

    Lillian: Hehe I still love them so much <33 xxx

    Myssi Shotgun: Awww but in the USA you have the amazing Fred Flare! When I was in Virginia for a holiday my sister put in a MASSIVE Fred Flare order for me to bring home :) xxx

  15. Love your blog! funky, colourful, fab finds <3
    Always had my eye on one of those boom box bags, I think i'll have to save some pennies and treat myself.
    I bought the lightening bolt clip a while back to, and I forgot about it :o
    Love the cat hat too.
    I hope you get all the goodies on your wish list :)
    P.S spotted you in the crack magazine ;)