17 May 2010

Outfit Of The Day: Arty.

Hey everyone,

Just a quick outfit post today, as I have some uni work to crack on with.

Plus my dissertation is being played to my dissertation leader (the great and wonderful Martin - if any of you guys have studied radio, chances are you'll have read some of Martin's theory work at some point), and Andy, my disso supervisor for feedback tomorrow - so I'm a bit nervous!

Apologies for the picture in my skanky backyard - but the lighting in my room was really bad today.

TOP: Vintage, £Free (for working an event).
SKIRT: River Island, £10 (sale).
SHIRT: New Look, £18.
SCARF: Ebay, £3.50.
BAG: Matalan, £8.
TIGHTS: Dorothy Perkins, £4.
SHOES: Dorothy Perkins, £15 (sale).
POINT OF FASHION: I look a bit like an art student here?

I WISH I'd remembered to wear my new watch - but when you haven't been a watch-wearer for years, you tend to forget! Bah!
I love my new scarf - it looks cute worn in my hair too.

I got some last bits and peices for my holiday today as well, but I'll be showing them off at the end of the week.
Thursday is OFFICIALLY my last day on campus - handing work in and filming our TV show. Bring it!

I've also been invited to an Ann Summers event in London next week and I really want to go.
I hope I can get some decent train tickets - in Febuary for The Look Show I was lucky getting last-minutes ones which weren't too expensive. Fingers crossed!

Muchos love,


  1. I love this. This screams Carla! Haha. I couldn't pull it off but you most definitely can!


  2. Looking forward to holiday style, sometimes I think on holiday is the hardest time to pull off a good look because of a. weather conditions and b. not having your normal supply of accessories etc! Defo quite an arsty outfit and the skirt is a bargain! xxx


  3. I can definitely see the art student resemblance, hehe. Good luck with the dissertation stuff!

  4. So fun! Is this a new hair color for you? It makes a statement!

  5. Another lovely outfit ♥ simple and gorgeous ♥

  6. such a cutie!

    your smile always makes me smile!


  7. Irresistible♥Icing: Thank you! xoxo

    Gazel M.: Aww that's so sweet of you, thank you :) xxxxx

    Fushball: Oh BELIEVE ME, I always take a suitcase big enough to harbour 99% of my accessories! ;)

    alannarama: Thank you xxxxxx

    Phuong: I've had it for a little while now. I did a post about it a few entries back: http://messycarla.blogspot.com/2010/05/red-hair-how-to-and-upkeep.html

    Emmelie ♥: Oh I'm so glad you think it's nice and simple, I was worried the scarf made it too fussy - but I love it! Thank you xxxx

    stina honey: Aww thank you - I always think my smile looks a bit crooked! Especially here - I was sqinting at the sun! :) xxxxx

  8. You look lovely! Fingers crossed for your diss!

  9. Love the look and especially the skirt! Good luck with the end of Uni :) x

  10. You look great. I love all the colours and prints together, it just works. Good luck with all the final bits at uni. x

  11. Ooo I remember how nervewracking writing my dissertation was! I went to Uni Essex (moved to the UK from the US for a year!) and hated those meetings - but trust me, they go MUCH better than you think they will!

    Sarah @ Return to Sender

  12. I love your outfit



  13. Darling, you look absolutely lovely! Just wanted to give you a heads up that I gave you two awards at my blog. :) http://forfatshionssake.tumblr.com/post/611258365/awards-i-received-forever-ago

  14. Cute outfits!

    I am in LOVE with your hair. Its perfect!

    Dana <3

  15. Hehe this is very arty! Reminds me of something I'd wear when I went through my arty photography student phase when I did my A Levels. The scarf is lovely, I'd love to see how you do it in your hair.

  16. love the mismatched parts and how you made it all come together. i like your long jean top, been looking around awhile for something like that and still nothing.