9 February 2010

Simply Be - Mini-Haul!

Hi everyone!

Remember that I linked you guys to the Simply Be website a few entries back?

Well some lovely girls from my favourite catalogue noticed, and offered me some free clothes to try! How nice?! I even got to pick what I wanted from their gorgeous range...

So here's what I chose:

Lightweight jacket in Coral (also available in black and grey) - £35.

I love the modgirl/scooter girl look at the minute - I love dressing like a 1960s dolly! It has lovely big buttons, a nice big collar and is very mackintosh-y material, which will be amazing for my summer holiday in New York (OMG! I actually can't wait!) where it can get very sticky during July. (Not something we experience a lot in the UK, unfortunately. Bloody rain.)

I'm loving their spring/summer collection they're previewing. So I picked out something, again, for my holiday:

Print shell top - £21
Sqaure Pocket Buckle Bag - £35

Lately I've been feeling a bit self conscious of my arms (hello, bingo wings?) but I don't mind showing them off in this gorgeous top. It's lovely and floating, and has an elasticated waist, which I think I'll need after a few days in NYC! (Our hotel is three doors down from a Wendy's - my favourite fast food EVER!) And it's floral too, which is still bang on trend.

I love my big bags, and thought I'd get something a bit more low-key than my pink River Island bag I use everyday. It's MASSIVE too, I'm going to be able to fit a lot of books and recording equipment in there for uni - and the sturdy handles will keep it from bursting open!

Going back to the top, you can't see in the picture of me, but it has two adorable bows on the shoulders. See if you can spot them amongst the flora! ;)

Can you see it?

Also FYI, when I was getting my second outfit together, I realised I didn't have a suitable lipstick that would go with the warm tone. So in classic Carla-style, I improvised and made my own!

(God, I sound like Peter's Kay's mum in that skit about ice lollies don't I?
"We'll make our own!")

Hehe, anyway to get this sweet light plum colour, I used a mix of Lime Crime's Cosmopop, a bright pink Barry M lipgloss, and some pink eyeshadow! Genius - I'm going to have to experiment with making my own concoctions, which may either save me a lot of money or it'll end up like George's Marvellous Medicine. We'll see.

Anyhoo, thanks so much to Simply Be. Check out their full collection. They've got some gorgeous stuff this season!

Muchos love,


  1. Nooooo I can't afford to look at it, I'll be even more broke...maybe I should link to Queen Simply Be :-) Get freebies!

  2. That coral coat is just adorable! lucky you going to New York, how exciting! Also your hair looks beautiful, so shiny!

  3. Yay for freebies!

    The clothes are fab, I especially love the first look with the white tights. And I'm loving your home-made lipstick :D


  4. You look really cute in that last pic :)

  5. Thank you soooo much for all your lovely comments <333 I appreciate them so so much!

    Sarah: Oh shush, that never stops me. Cheese on toast for a week is FINE - it's how I pay my penance for my clothes addiction! Teehee!

    Lillian: Yeah, I'm going with my sister as it's her sweet 16th year (she turned 16 in December) and her last year at school, and it's my 21st in May and my last year at uni. So going for a girly trip for a few days in July. I completely forgot to mention it here - I'll have to do a proper post on what we're going to see there and for any recommendations!

    p49it: Thanks, I do too! :DD It's so cute.

    Beth: I know, right? They're so sweet! Yeah, I saw something in one of the magazines about Natalie Cassidy wearing white tights and it made her look like she had "prosthetic legs". Uhm, NO she looked ace! It's kind of difficult to find the thicker one though :) Teehee, I know I'm such an inventor!

    Craig: Thankies! It's a bit of a MySpace-y pose though, right? ;)

  6. Free things, how exciting!

    Firstly I'm so jealous that you're going to New York, it'll be amazing! I have so much love for the top you picked, the print and the bows are gorgeous. Aside from the fabulous freebies I love your white tights and those shoes :D I enjoy messing around with make up too but I tried to diy some nail varnish and it failed miserably...my bad!

  7. I know, right? :) And even though they were free, I was going to be honest if I didn't like them or had problems with them. But I didn't, they're actually lovely!

    Hehe, I've been to New York before, but only got a few hours in Manhattan as we were travelling to Albany for my friend's family party (I spent a month in the East Coast travelling with my American friend. I should blog about it, sometime). So yeah, excited! My sister is too - it's going to be her first time on a plane, and it's going to be my first time flying WITH someone - I always travel solo! Haha!

    Yeah, I love that top too! I was worried it was going to be too frumpy, but it fit lovely! Teehee, the tights are from Dorothy Perkins and the shoes are New Look!
    Oooh DIY nail varnish? It always goes a muddy brown when I mess around with it, haha! :) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  8. I need some advice, Ms. Carla. I honestly can't think of what to wear for a Bat Mitzvah this weekend. I have to have two outfits on Saturday.

    Was going to go to Torrid tomorrow. IDK if you'll see this with enough time to post a response, but I just can't figure something out. GAH!

    Synagogue = dressy casual (nothing risque)
    Party afterwards = fun casual (party wear)

    What do you think?

    lol this is Jess (crazy_clockwork) btw. <3

  9. Also how on earth do you manage to find such cute things?! I can't for the life of me come up with stuff to wear and I'll browse a store for hours -- literally hours -- and come out with nothing.

    Girl, I love your stuff SO MUCH. :D


    PS: Just figured out how to post under my LJ. :P

  10. the coral coat is cool, but the second outfit looks great on you!!

    muchos love para tí!

  11. Okies, I've had a looka around Torrid for ya (I LOVE their store - I remember when they used to sell punky stuff a few years ago, like Hot Topic!)

    So for the Synagogue you want something demure, but still dressy for the occasion. And you can't really go wrong with a little black dress, like this one:


    Wear it with a lovely necklace! If you don't feel comfortable showing bare arms for the service, there's loads of cute cardigans like this one:


    It's very rockabilly and chic, which is right on trend now! (Plus, the white polka dots will match your Miu Miu bag!)

    If you don't want a dress, i LOVE this cardigan:


    Simply dress it up by wearing a plain tee, dark pants/skirt and heels. Buttoning the cardigan up makes it look like a top by itself!

    Party-wear, I'm LOVING animal print right now, and the trick to getting it right is to only use a little - like this dress:

    Again, you can use the same cardigan on top if you'd like.

    Another look which is back (YAAAY!) is nautical. And I really love this dress:


    The buttons and cut give the impression of a long waist, and the sweetheart necklace flatters your whammers! ;DD

    Again, if you don't want to wear a dress, there's some lovely party tops at the moment, like this one:


    Can easily be dressed up with a long necklace and a belt to tuck you in. Will look great with black pants/skirt and finish with a long necklace!

    Hope this has helped! :DD
    Carla xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  12. Thanks, Aimi! <333
    I LOVE your Bubble Pop Electric blog - even though I can't understand most of it! :DD Teehee, you have great style.
    MUCHOS love to you too xxxxxxxx

  13. You're amazing, Carla. Thank youuuuuu! If only I had you here as a shopping buddy. Hehe! <33

  14. Hi Carla! Those pieces from Simply Be are adorable on you! I'm so glad I stumbled onto your blog--I will definitely be following! :)


  15. Thank you so much, I love your blog too :)
    Follow away <33 xxxx