11 February 2010

Sad News & New Hairstyle & Award

It's such a shame I have to start this blog today with such sad news:

R.I.P Lee Alexander McQueen
One of my favourite designers Alexander McQueen was found dead in his London home today. He was so innovative, inspiring and was one of the most exciting British designers. He'll be so missed.

On a more positive note, a big day for me. Today I tied my hair back.
Not a big deal? Well, it actually is for me!
My memories of wearing my hair tied is a childhood where my mam pulled my hair back into two tight pigtails every morning, and her pulling at my tangles while I yelled at her!
I was interested in doing my own hair when I went to Secondary School (High School), and she convinced me that the older girls all wear their hair up. In my first week at the tender age of 11, a boy made fun of my ponytail, calling my "Charver (chav) Head". I cried, and pulled my hair from it's crocodile clip.
I then found rock music, turned into a goth, and wore my hair in two lank, black curtains at either side of my head because I was dead mysterious, or something.

But I fancied something different today, so just pinned the longer parts to the back of my head:

Sorry it looks a little messy here - I had to run for the metro to uni this morning (surprise, surprise!) so this was from when I got home.
Another plus, is that I can finally show off my lovely earrings - I've been hiding my ears for nearly ten years now! - So time to flash them about:

These are my favourite earrings at the minute. They're vintage, and I got them for only £3! They're just too cute and sparkly.

In other news, this blog has got it's first award from one of my favourites Buttons, Bows & Brogues. Thank you so much, Stephanie! I've gained a few new followers from the linkage on her blog, so if you're new - HELLO!! :D

This is a pass-it-on award, where if you are awarded, you have to pass it on to six other blogs!
I watch so many wonderful blogs. But my favourites at the moment have to be:

My Stylish Life
(This girl deserves more followers - she's adorable! - and she's called Nadia, like my sister!)
Be sure to check these guys out, they're all brilliant!
Right, I'm off to bake something. Tomorrow I'm going to have a lovely lazy day, work on my dissertation script, then go to my darling friend David's house party he's throwing for his new housemate.

As always - get in touch via comment, email, Twitter or Formspring.Me! :)
Muchos love,


  1. You've won a blog award Carla! Well done! www.musingsofanundiscoveredgenius.blogspot.com

  2. Wow, thank you so much! :) xxxxxxxxx

  3. That's awesome Carla. Congrats. :)

  4. Thankies! Let me know another date that's good for dinner? :) xxxx

  5. alexander was a true artist and he will be surely missed. RIP mcqueen.

  6. PS. Your hair looks lush and I know what you mean about no one seeing your ears for years and years, when I got my haircut short even I was surprised with how ridiculous my tiny ears look haha! :p

  7. Viva La Fashion - I know, definately one of the best! :(

    Daniel - Yeah, my ears ARE actually tiny though, haha. :DD xxxxxxxxx

  8. McQueen was one of my favourite designers :(
    Your hair looks really cute!
    Thank you so much for the blog award :D i will make sure to post it ASAP

  9. Miss Calarallla :D

    I've eventually worked out how to post on here without LiveJournal (such a technophobe)!

    Your hair looks SOOO cute like that...don't think I've ever seen it pinned up!

    Earring- veeeeeeenteeeeeeege <3

    I was getting my make-up done by the lovely Jen again for her course and we hard while I was inher studio- people got so upset as some are fashion sudents :( one had an internship there in 6 months!


  10. Lillian - Me too! Him, Vivienne Westwood and Jean Paul Gautier I think are my favourites!
    Thankies, and you're very welcome. Easily the most creative fashion blogger I read (you HAVE to make me an outfit sometime! :DD)

    Megan - Teehee, welcome to Blogspot Miss Viiiintage! Ooh where did they have an internship? :) ilu xxxxxxxxx

  11. Hey Carla, thanks for adding my blog and the lovely comment above. Think you're really cute too and liking all the outfits! xx

  12. No problemo! You're just too cute, and I'm so jealous you're interning! I just do this as a hobby. Usually I'm a Media Production student, but may look into journalism as a post-grad thing. I dunno, I just want to blog for a career! ;) xxxxx

  13. It's so much fun blogging and great when people/ friends say they've seen it and how nice/cool you look! xx

  14. She had an internship at Alexander McQueen :(

    ILU too <3 xxxxxxxx