17 February 2010

THE LOOK SHOW - Feb 20th 2010!

Hi everyone.
I know I've been blogging quite a bit this week, but this is going to be my last until after the weekend.

I found out yesterday that I won a blogging competiton for New Look, and the prize is a pair of tickets to The Look Show for London Fashion Week. It's run by Look Magazine (which I LOOOVE) and is the only show to feature high street clothing that will be available to buy immediately, rather than having to wait for next season to appear in the shops.

I was worried I wouldn't be able to go, as I'm all the way up here in Newcastle, but I managed to find a £69 return train, and my gorgeous friend Georgina (who is a bit of a fashionista herself) who studies at Oxford University is going to be my plus-one and also taking me for a bit of a dance afterwards with all her equally clever friends! Hoorah!

I also get to guest write for New Look's official fashion blog Future Fab Fashion, but I made sure that I'm able to report everything here too - and I was told that was absolutely fine, and they'd even link us in the sidebar, so we'll co-exist in harmony!

Speaking of fashion shows, how well did Agyness Deyn handle falling over TWICE at Naomi Campbell's Haiti Relief show? She was so brave to just pick up her heels and carry on - so many models would have burst into tears and ran off!

It reminded me of my favourite ever Sex & The City moment where Carrie falls over:

"I had a choice. I could leave the runway and let my inner model die of shame, or I could pick myself up, flaws and all, and finish. And that's just what I did. Because when real people fall down in life, they get right back up and keep on walking."

So the show is this Saturday, and I'm coming back from Oxford on Sunday - so I'll do a post all about it very early next week!
I promise to take LOTS of pictures, and I'll be tweeting about it - so be sure to follow me on Twitter for all the gossip. Eesh, I wonder if I'll meet any famous people?
Muchos (and excited) love,


  1. That's awesome Carla. Have a blast. Can't wait to hear stories. x

  2. Thank you! I love how go to London for food and I go for clothes. :DD

    Good thing we made our dinner date the week after! :) Looking forward to it! xxx

  3. Lucky you! I hope you have the best time ever ever! Look is my favourite magazine. And i cant believe how cute Agyness Dean was, so sweet :)

  4. Aww thanks, I can't wait! Look's one of my favourites too - brilliant magazine!

    I know, she was so adorable, awww <333 I love her hair like that.

  5. Congrats! I'm so happy for you and I can't wait to hear all about it! :D
    I love Agyness, she's so cute.

  6. This is amazing, you deserve it!

  7. Stephanie: Thank yooou! I know, I'm so excited!

    Jenna-Kate: Awww cheers <333 I'll no doubt be bringing all the Geordie charm to London Fashion Week... ;DD

  8. You so deserve it, hope you enjoy it and have a good time and show me all your things when you return :)

  9. Enjoy the show and the food (LOL). Okey, I already followed your Twitter.

  10. What food? You mean my friend Michael's dinner party? :)

  11. Have fun! :D It sounds awesome.