23 February 2010

London Fashion Week: I'M BACK!!

Hi everyone,

Just a quick update to let you know I'm back from my weekend at the launch of London Fashion Week.
I ended up staying an extra day as I got a last minute invitation to another event. I have to do my guest blogs first - writing about The Look Show for Future Fab Fashion (New Look's blog) and Bernard Chandran's party for The Sassy Minx, who have been so kind as to feature this blog in the past. (Author-girl Lisa Clark was kind enough to let me go in her place as she's working hard on finishing her new book!)

So I'm going get my journo-girl hat on today, and knuckle down with some writing - so I can get round to telling you guys all about it. Hang tight!

I got interviewed before I went into The Look Show on Saturday, and found my quote scattered around a few articles. You can read it here - hoorah, exciting stuff! Pity she didn't include the link to my blog though - oh, well, at least I still got a mention, non?

You may have noticed a few changes around here? Do you all like the NEW LAYOUT? It's by the wonderful Janis from PinkSugarIchigo and it's absolutely fabulous! I've loved her scrapbook-style graphics for years now, so it's wonderful to finally have her create something for me. Thanks so much, hun!

And this layout isn't the only thing that's had a bit of a change. How do you peeps like the new hair?
I thought spring is coming, so why not get some highlights in for texture. Also, you can't see very well but my fringe is slightly shorter and easier to handle.

Anyhoo I think that's all for now! Your lovely comments are always welcome and make sure to follow me on Twitter, and I'm going to be starting an official Facebook page soon, so you'll know when there's a new blog post straight to your news feed.
Muchos love,


  1. OMGness! this is totally awesome! so cute and kitchy but also very cool! xxx

  2. I know it's adorable - she's done an amazing job! :)

  3. welcome back! love the new layout :)
    don't forget this Saturday... I'm so looking forward to it.

  4. Thank you! I know I'm really looking forward to it as well - can't wait to tell you all about it :) xxxxxx