11 December 2009

Pink Does NOT Stink! Part 2.

Part 2 of my Pink Does NOT Stink campaign. More pink lovelyness for you to gush over!

DRESS: Olvia Rubin, £199.
WATCH: Timex @ Asos, £50.
GLASSES: Heidi Seeker, £7.
RING: Miss Selfridge, £9.
JUMPER: Topshop, £30.
ROLLER SKATES: Skates.com, £299.
PURFUME: Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker, from £24.
RUCKSACK: Accessorize, £10.
NAIL POLISH: Nails Inc, aprox £9.26.

Just a quick post today - off to Manchester tomorrow for the Placebo gig. I've already planned my outfit for it!

Muchos love,


  1. hahaha I wonder what 15-year-old Carla would say to blogs such as this?

  2. I think I maybe need the watch and owl bag in my life, just a smidgen...

  3. when i was 15 daniel i had that phase of not bathing because it was 'superficial.' but i just smelled. xDD don't worry, just because
    i like pink doesn't mean i've lost any of my old fashioned cynicism!

    poppy, i know - awesome, right? :DD