18 December 2009

Waking Up In Vegas

Hey everyone,

"So, shut up and put your money where you mouth is, That's what you get for waking up in Vegas" sang Katy Perry.
I'm ill AGAIN at the moment, so am in dire need of some good old fashioned escapism.
DRESS: Vivien Of Holloway, £59
SHOES: Ebay, from £19.99
EYELINER: Urban Decay, £12 each.
CLUTCH: Accessorize, £25. (I got my Mam this for her birthday, and it's GORGEOUS!)
NECKLACE: Hannah Zakari, £20.
BELT: Topshop, £22.
FASCINATOR: Ebay, from £4.99.

Think big dresses, big petticoats, big makeup, big shoes, big accessories! It's Christmas anyway, so use that as an excuse to overdose on glitter and sequins.

Manchester was so much fun last week, and although it's like a mini-London with all the ace shops. (my friend Sam had her first Urban Outfitters experience and got two tops on sale for under £30! Jealous!) 

I really should have bought these glasses though. Especially as a tribute to the late, great Maggie Jones. They were from American Apparel:

Also much needed in this entry are shoutouts to my lovely supervisior (is this even the right term - 'boss' doesn't sound right?) Emma who waggled her animal print scarf at me this week, inspired by this entry when I was working with them in the office this week.

"She went straight to Primark after she saw the entry and bought it," said Anna, office fashionista (who really puts me to shame).
And also thanks to my lovely friend Michael who came over and complimented the new layout during my shift. Heart-shapes, dude - you guys be sure to check out his awesome food blog!

Right. I'm off for more copious watching of The Office (ooh, John Krasinski! Yum! Yum!) under my blanket. What a wuss.

Muchos love,


  1. i love katy perry! her style is amazing! i really love the polka dot dress! very pretty! and i'm a huge fan of the office also! :)


  2. i'm actually more a fan of her style than her music, although i do like 'waking up in vegas' :)
    i only got into the office over the summer when my american friend came to visit, and i only started watching them properly a few weeks ago. only up to season 3! :)

  3. Those glasses are awesome! Why didn't you snag a pair? ^-^

  4. Because they were about £40! :( bad times.

  5. I love that song, and the city:D

  6. I've never been! I 'd love to go though, I always imagine it a mad mix between Blackpool and London's West End! :DD

    LOVE your blog - FOLLOWING! <333

  7. aw carla your blog is so cute!
    you should check out forever21.com
    they have this tres paris line that reminded me of you
    other than that that store isn't too great, but you should check it out

  8. ooh i went to forever 21 when i was in virginia - lovely clothes but too tiiiiny for me! for some reason clothes in america didn't seem to fit me properly, they were either size 0 or maaaaasive! le sob.
    my guilty pleasure in america is hot topic. yes, i know it's horrible commericial punk/rock etc their stuff is just too cute xDD