25 November 2009

Outfit Post.

TWO Outfit Posts in a week?! I'm on a roll, I tell thee!

JUMPER: Peacocks, £12.
SHORTS: Dorothy Perkins, £18.
CARDIGAN: New Look, £12.
SCARF: Primark, £3.
HAT: River Island, £12.99.
GLOVES: Accessorize (a few years ago) £15.
TIGHTS: Primark, £1.50
SHOES (That you can't see): Ebay, £10.
POINT OF FASHION: Colourful & going shopping in the wind!

Speaking of Panda/Polar Bear hat, my friend Neale gave me a heads up that a certain girl-kissing singer has been spotted in the very same one!!

Yes! It's Katy Perry! She was recently spied wearing a necklace from Heidi Seeker too, which is a bit mint (especially cause they're based in Gateshead...bet you never knew Heidi Seeker was a Geordie, right?) And you heard about Panda/Polar Bear hat here first, remember?

Muchos Love,

19 November 2009

Space, man!

Earth is pretty boring at the minute, so I'm getting inspiration from the place yonder.

ROBOT NECKLACE: Punky Pins, £15.
SPACEMAN T-SHIRT: Topman, £12.
PLANET T-SHIRT: Lazy Oaf, £24.50.
BACKPACK: Lazy Oaf, £35.
KNICKERS: Accessorize, £8.
X-RAY SPECS BROOCH: Tatty Devine, £66.
3D GLASSES NECKLACE: Tatty Devine, £42.

Sorry for the lack of updates but I've had a mountain of uni work to do, as well as a jaunt to Poitiers in France to visit my friend Marie. I'll be back properly, soon. Going Christmas shopping tonight with my mam and sister to cheer myself up. (the mix CD I came home to from Ambar is helping loads too - thanks, girl!)
I also have a good few birthdays next week - good thing I love shopping for other people as well as myself!

Muchos Love,

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