12 June 2013

GIVEAWAY: Angel's Delights

Thank you everyone for entering.

Hey everyone,

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have already seen this bracelet I was sent by the very lovely Lyn from Angel's Delights Company.

The bracelet consists of what look like pastel-coloured bubblegums with five bespoke charms attached, which are easily removable should you wish to add more to your collection!

The line is completely my cup of tea - as you all know I have a weakness for anything kitschy, especially candy and confectionary themed pieces.
They're perfect for adults, and young-un's alike as the catch is very adjustable.

And best of all, she's also giving one more away to a lucky winner!

As usual, just fill your details down below.
The giveaway will run for two weeks, and ends 26/06/2013.
UK ONLY - sorry!

I'm absolutely loving candy colours at the moment such as pale pink, lilac and mint. 
I'm partially blaming the new pastel colour scheme (an update room tour coming very shortly, I promise!) of my bedroom: pink walls with white and lilac furnishings. 

(PSST! You can see sneak peaks here, here and here!)

Finally here are some of my favourites at the moment to pair with your new favourite accessories:

Best of luck in the giveaway, everyone!

Muchos love,


  1. I love all the charms, I think the cupcakes my favourite xxx

  2. I love the little Gingerbread man & woman

    Lynsey Buchanan

  3. Quite simply delicious x

  4. I love any of the donut charms, I'm a little donut princess x

  5. I love the cupcakes and the doughnuts, but those were really hard to choose!

  6. I can't choose a favourite charm; they're all so cute!

  7. I love the Mickey and Minnie-esque charms. Super cute! xx