21 May 2013

OUTFIT POST: The Girl in the Kitty Beret

Hey everyone,

I come to you today in yet another Henry Holland sale dress.

A few weeks ago, I went back to rummage around the sale items to look for another one of these dresses in my size for Hayley, but found another very similar Peter Pan collared dress going for under £20! (Sorry, Hayles. I'm a bad friend!)

I was also recently offered something to review from Chicnova, and chose this adorable beret with kitty ears to go with my equally tasteful shoes:

(Why do my shoes look like they're up to no good...?)

DRESS: H! by Henry Holland
BERET: Chicnova*
BELT: Dorothy Perkins
NECKLACE: Peacocks (there's still one open in Jarrow!)
TIGHTS: Dorothy Perkins
SHOES: Clarks


Chicnova have also been kind enough to supply me with a $30 gift voucher to give away to one of you lovely readers!

Simply fill out your deets on the form below - a winner will be picked 31st May 2013 and is open worldwide.

My sister came home for her summer break yesterday, and I was off yesterday we went for a cheeky shopping and sushi trip.
I finally joined the iPhone family (there's a great deal at O2 where you can get a free iPhone 4 with a £27 a month tarrif) so spent the rest of the evening fiddling around with it.

However this was definitely my purchase of the day.
And just when you thought the items in this post couldn't get any less tasteful:

Oh yes.
Candy Mountain couture.

Muchos love,

19 May 2013

HAUL: ASOS & Birthday.

Hey everyone,

So my new job is going really well, and since it's my first week my new boss very kindly gave me a long weekend off (I'll usually be off Sundays and another day mid-week).
Everyone is really nice, and helpful - especially as there is a lot to learn.
But I think I'm doing quite well.

Anyway, as I still had birthday money burning a hole in my pocket (I turned 24 last Sunday on the 12th!) I thought I'd have a cheeky little splurge on ASOS.
Who incidentally I haven't placed an order with in nearly a year - which is so crazy, I used to buy from them at least once a month!

The last thing I bought was my cotton floral backpack. This ended up not being the most sensible choice as it fell apart at Hong Kong Airport - before I'd even landed in Australia - and I had to quickly buy a more sensible Easpak one. (At least it was pink, though.)

Anyway, this is what I've treated myself to:

I must admit to having missed out the maternity section of ASOS until Gabi posted this amazing swing dress from the collection, which looks awesome. 
I can't believe I hadn't thought of it myself, especially as I carry most of my extra weight on my tummy and hips!

I shall report back!

So apart from working, I celebrated my aforementioned 24th birthday. 
It was a bit of a quiet celebration, as being a hungover mess does not a good impression make (anymore)

On the Saturday night, my bestie Sam came up from London (she works on a certain reality TV show, set in a big serveilled house with a diary room) and we went for cocktails and ended up having a Nando's too.

Then on my birthday, me and my family went to our favourite curry house in South Shields where I had my favourite ultra-hot madras duck curry. 
I have such a penchant for spicy food lately - I don't know where it's appeared from!

Muchos love,

2 May 2013


Hey everyone,

My new favourite place to browse for pretty bags, is surprisingly...eBay!

I've found so many great and unique pieces for very reasonable prices - most of the time, much cheaper than you'd find on the high street.

I've compiled a few that have been on my wish list for a while now - links are below.

1.  2.  3.  4.  5.  6.  7

I love them all, but I'm especially coveting 1 and 7...and I may have gone ahead and already bought 6!
Hello, my name is Carla and I have no willpower.
How about you guys?

If you have a special love for eBay bargains, make sure you check out Victoria's blog VIPXO as she posts her favourite finds every Sunday!

Muchos love,

(Not a sponsored post - I'm just a bit obsessed with eBay at the moment!)