19 May 2013

HAUL: ASOS & Birthday.

Hey everyone,

So my new job is going really well, and since it's my first week my new boss very kindly gave me a long weekend off (I'll usually be off Sundays and another day mid-week).
Everyone is really nice, and helpful - especially as there is a lot to learn.
But I think I'm doing quite well.

Anyway, as I still had birthday money burning a hole in my pocket (I turned 24 last Sunday on the 12th!) I thought I'd have a cheeky little splurge on ASOS.
Who incidentally I haven't placed an order with in nearly a year - which is so crazy, I used to buy from them at least once a month!

The last thing I bought was my cotton floral backpack. This ended up not being the most sensible choice as it fell apart at Hong Kong Airport - before I'd even landed in Australia - and I had to quickly buy a more sensible Easpak one. (At least it was pink, though.)

Anyway, this is what I've treated myself to:

I must admit to having missed out the maternity section of ASOS until Gabi posted this amazing swing dress from the collection, which looks awesome. 
I can't believe I hadn't thought of it myself, especially as I carry most of my extra weight on my tummy and hips!

I shall report back!

So apart from working, I celebrated my aforementioned 24th birthday. 
It was a bit of a quiet celebration, as being a hungover mess does not a good impression make (anymore)

On the Saturday night, my bestie Sam came up from London (she works on a certain reality TV show, set in a big serveilled house with a diary room) and we went for cocktails and ended up having a Nando's too.

Then on my birthday, me and my family went to our favourite curry house in South Shields where I had my favourite ultra-hot madras duck curry. 
I have such a penchant for spicy food lately - I don't know where it's appeared from!

Muchos love,

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  1. Ooh love the dresses! And that cake looks amazing.