28 April 2013

WISHLIST: It's a Nice Day for a...Pink Wedding!

Hi everyone,

This is my entry for Fearless Bride's spring bridesmaid contest.

The challenge is to come up with a bridesmaid's outfit suitable for Spring for £200 or less, with the chance to win ASOS vouchers.

I've always known I want to wear a 1950s style dress when if I get married with lots of tulle and petticoats.
So naturally I'd love to dress my bridesmaids in something similar, so I've gone for a very girly, but still quite rockabilly look and - because it's me - lashings and lashings of pink.

Dress (currently out of stock since writing this entry)
Earrings (now £3)
Clutch (now £14.40 but still a bargain)

I am absolutely besotted with DollyDagger dresses - their regular range goes up to a size 16, but they also have a plus size range. 
This was my favourite, and just happened to be in the sale - hopefully it will come back into stock soon!

So - going by the prices by the time I wrote this entry last week - that takes this outfit to a grand total of £154.89

Muchos love,

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