16 July 2012

Animal Stars

Hey everyone,

I wore this over the weekend for a cheeky date with my friend Daniel.
We went to Zizzi's (he ordered their new Italian tapas which looked amazing!) then 2 4 1 cocktails at our usual haunt - The Charles Grey.

I've only worn this dress twice - once when I went to London, then somehow I convinced myself I didn't like it and even stuck it on eBay.
But I'm glad it didn't sell, as I think I rather like it again!

Is anyone else as flaky with clothes as I can be?

DRESS: New Look
BELT: New Look
RINGS: Various incl. c/o Tiny Hands
BRACELETS: Claire's and New Look
SHOES: Primark
POINT OF FASHION: Leopard and gold.

This hairband was sent very kindly by Georgie at BeauXOXO.
I'd been admiring her shiny glittery creations for while, so was delighted when she asked if I'd like to feature something on the blog.
I absolutely love this - anything gold and glitter is amazing in my book, and pulled the rest of the outfit together perfectly. 

I bought this MUA lipstick (shade 3) for just £1 and I can't believe how creamy and pigmented it is.
One of my new favourites!

(In these photos, can you tell when the sun suddenly came out...?)

I was also recently sent this amazing waffle ring from the lovelies at Tiny Hands.
It's even scented, and smells exactly like warm butter waffles and maple syrup! 
I don't know if I've mentioned before, but I collect jewellery (specifically rings) that look like confectionary (typical fat girl!) - I'll have to give my full collection a write up sometime.

It's been otherwise a bit of a quiet week for me - except my sister and I have been helping Italian Catholic Mother pick out furniture for the house for after it's been renovated (right now we're pretty much living on a building site). 
However, we had some good luck in the Next sale today - she got a ceiling light for the dining room for £30 down from £70, and also a new table for just £120 down from almost £500 because it is ex-display!

Take that, Kirstie Allsopp!

Muchos love,


  1. That alice band is fabulous! <3

  2. Eeep! I love Georgie! She was a classmate during my Master's Degree, and even went to my wedding. She's such an adorable lady, and I'm glad she's getting a shout out over here. Small world! :D

  3. Ooh, the headband is super cute! I too, am dead fickle over clothes. Having a massive clear out now with piles for eBay, charity and cash for clothes!

  4. I adore this headband and that waffle ring is entirely too cute, I love anything scented! I love your collection of bracelets and I understand about the fickle with your clothes, I go in cycles with my clothes.


  5. Dress is gorgeous and the headband, I need!


  6. You look awesome in leopard print, especially with the headband! I go through phases with my clothes too, usually I have worn something too much!

    Maria xxx

  7. you're not the only flaky person here. i seem to love it the first two wears then it goes into my 'to-sell' storage bins where it sits in the depths of my closet for a few months...


  8. Dress looks good, especially with belt. Don't sell it!

  9. LOVE your headband - off to check out this shop! :) x