26 March 2012

Pops of Yellow

Hey everyone,

The sun is shining and the grass is green, under the three feet of snow I mean.
(If you got this reference, you are a BOSS. Factoid.)

The weather here has been an absolute pleasure this week - sunny but not stifling hot, and with the slightest breeze.
I think it's also getting to that acceptable time to start breaking out my summer brights:

DRESS: New Look (around 2009 I think)
BELT: Dorothy Perkins.
SUNGLASSES: Marc Jacobs.
NECKLACE: River Island.
SHOES: From a cheap outlet shop when I was around 15.
POINT OF FASHION: Floral brights...is it summer yet?

This is one of my favourite dresses, and it's really a shame I don't wear it often enough! I absolutely love the two different layers of the skirt, it looks so structured and cute - not to mention a lot more expensive than what it was! (Around £25)

I last wore it in January last year for my sister's AS Photography shoot - yep, definitely need to start wearing it more.

Also a quick FOTD - apologies I'm half wearing my shades, the sun was just too bright without them!

FOUNDATION: Colorstay in 150 Buff by Revlon 
EYELINER: No1 by Barry M
EYEBROWS: Ash Brown by Wet N' Wild
MASCARA: False Lash Effect by Maybelline
POWDER: 135 by Illamasqua
LIPSTICK: Fire by Chanel

I'm on a real false lash kick at the minute, and have worn them most days this week.
I've only ever bought my falsest from eBay as I was still practicing and didn't want to pay around £6 a pair for me just to mess up (as I have done in the past!)

Victoria recently recommended this seller - and they're nice enough. 
The bands are very thick, but wrapping them gently around my finger makes them a lot more workable. Note that they took over a month to arrive to the UK from Hong Kong, but for 99p for 10 pairs you can't really grumble! 

I believe the ones above are 057 - but I also purchased F-6, Y-7, 018 and 106 if you're interested.

Finally, I'll leave you with some lovely summery tunes - I always think that music sounds better in the sunshine!

What are your favourite songs for dancing around the garden on a sunny day?

Muchos love,


  1. soooo cute! lovely little dress xoox

  2. So bright, so good. I love wearing black tights against bright dresses. It makes the color pop!


  3. "This is a day when it's hard to wear a frooooooown"

    The colours in this outfit are just amaaaazing (as per usual for you, Carla!), I think I need some yellow shoes in my life. Thanks for making me realise this.

  4. Oh, those shoes! I have this weird love of yellow shoes, I'd snap up every pair I see if I'd let myself. I keep having to ask myself "just how many pairs of yellow shoes do you need!?". Love the outfit, and I too love the two layers in the dress, looks great!

  5. Love the yellow in this outfit.

  6. I love this look, you are like a master of color, everything is always an amazing shade that works so well on you. What an adorable dress too btw, I love how it layers at the bottom.


  7. This is lovely, can't believe it's taken you over a year to wear the dress again! Naughty Carla! xXx

  8. I love the dress and the cardi and the shoes, but I feel like the black tights overwhelm it a bit ... maybe another bit of black to anchor it some more, a scarf or something?

  9. I love this print it looks so fab with the pops of yellow! Looking gorgeous lovely lady! x

  10. I remember that dress being in New Look! It looks lovely with the yellow.

  11. OH HAI GORGEOUS! You definitely need to wear this more, I especially love the yellow!

    Maria xxx

  12. Love the summery colours!

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