3 December 2011

Etsy Treats 003

Hey everyone,

This is my final Etsy Treats post for the time being - I hope you've all started getting bits and peices together. But there's always SOMEONE who is a bit ridiculously hard to buy for...

Onwards and upwards:

Pink owl - from £3.95

Anatomical heart cameo necklace: £11.85

Raptor t-shirt from Ghost World: £23.04

Bow scarf: £9.88 (currently half price!)

Snowflake earrings: £7.00
(this store belongs to the wonderful Sarah of Essbeevee - so yes, I am a little biased here.
She has very kindly offered a 10% discount code to all readers -
messycarla - valid until Christmas!)

Happy shopping!
I'll say it again - don't forget if you've seen anything you like and it sells out by the time you go to buy, simply ask the seller politely and they will usually be more than happy to make you another, or something very similar. Link
Make sure to get requests in quick however, as it's getting close to the cut off point for many international sellers.

Kudos to EvieTees (featured in Etsy Treats 001) who very kindly especially made me a shirt in a larger size than what she had on her shop.
She didn't charge anything extra, and even threw in a free gift - thank you, Elena!

However, Italian Catholic Mother has already swooped in before I could have a proper look and has put it under the tree until the 25th!

Muchos love,


  1. I love the things you chose, especially the cameo heart necklace and the raptor shirt from Ghost World, too cute.


  2. Love the heart cameo, I think I pretty much have all my xmas shopping done most of which I made or traded with friends who hand make things, it's such a good idea to go for handmade it gives gifts more of a personal feel xoxo

  3. I love that heart cameo necklace, it's so unusual!

    Gillian x

  4. Carla! Thank you so much, I've just found the perfect present for my friend Alice! <3

  5. The little pink owl is so cute :) xx

  6. My God I NEED the Ghost World tee! So cool :D