8 November 2011

Guest Bloggers Wanted!

Hey everyone,

As I've mentioned a few times I'm going on holiday for most of December so am looking for lovely content to put here while I'm away.

If you think a peice would look good on this blog, just email me a sample including a photo or two you will use.
LinkAnything fashion, makeup, DIY, baking or holidays will be greatly appreciated!

It will be a great opportunity to promote your blog or website if you have one (of course this is not a necessity!) as well as any other channels such as YouTube etc.

If you're an online store, unfortunately I won't be accepting submissions for blog posts that are pure advertisement. However, you may like to consider being a sponsor instead!

I'll be looking for posts to go out around 9th-20th December.
So get submitting if you're interested - I'm looking forward to reading your stuff!

Muchos love,


  1. I've just dropped you an email :)


  2. Would love to.. expect an email from me!

  3. Can i have your email address, the contact button isnt working for me. thanks

  4. Hi Charlotte, it's messycarla @ hotmail .co .uk xxx