1 May 2011

Outfit Post: The Magic Dress.

Hey everyone,

Today I wore my 'magic dress.'I got it in the sale last year at River Island for my 21st birthday, and is the peice I picked out of my wardrobe whenever I'm having an 'UNGHHHHHHH!' day when it comes to everything else I own.

It's magic in the sense that it's suitable for basically any time of the day.
I've dressed it down with a denim jacket and flats during the day, a crop cardigan and brogues for a pub date (see below), and with high heels and a sweep of lipstick for night time.

There's holes on the waist where I've been overzealous in putting my belts on (aren't we all...?) and the dainty buttons at the back are fraying and coming off.
But it's a tough little cookie!

(However if anybody comes across a size 16 or 18 in a blog sale or Ebay - do let me know. Y'know, just in case...)

DRESS: River Island.
TOP (underneath): Topshop.
NECKLACE: Dorothy Perkins.
EARRINGS: River Island.
BELT: New Look.
SHOES: Primark.
POINT OF FASHION: The Magic Dress.

River Island earrings.
Hello, my name is Pat Butcher.

My bestie Hattie was home for Easter, so we got up to our usual shenanigans.
We had a few cold frosty ones at our local, then we both had cravings for chicken wings so we heading into town for a the Nando's wheel of wings. White trash, much?

1: Hattie got her nickname because she used to come to college in a seemingly endless selection of hats. She seemed to have taken a break from wearing them, but turned up in a green baseball hat that made her look what would happen if a mermaid came to shore and got a job as a trucker. (Hattie's real name is Rachel, FYI.)
2: The Only Way Is Hebburn. Keepin' it classy as per usual. With my Beth Ditto cardigan thrown over my shoulders and my new shades from Dorothy Perkins.

3: We are all still working our way through the mountain of Easter treats that has been leftover. I like that around this time of year, chocolate comes in the shape of various woodland creatures.

In other news, the country (and the rest of the world?) is still reeling from the Royal Wedding.
I'm not usually into anything to do with the Royal Family, although I did get to watch most of it before I went to work.

The lovely lovelies at TeaPlease.co.uk know how much love I have for a certain ginger prince - so they were kind enough to send me this necklace:

I really, really do!

Seriously, everywhere has exploded with the Harry love, right? Especially on Tumblr...

Finally, I'm sorry it's taken me so long to draw a winner for the Modalu handbag, but I honestly haven't had a spare moment to count all the entries properly until today.
So I'm happy to announce that the winner is....


Miss Katie!

I've popped your details over to the girls at ShopALike who will be happy to get your prize out to you soon!

Thanks for everyone who entered - I'm so pleased there was a fantastic response.
I already have a few more giveaways in the pipeline, so stay tuned!

Muchos love,


  1. That dress looks wonderful on you <3

  2. you look lovely as always! i really like the primark shoes, are they quite wide fitting or not?

    also i need to get me th "i prefer harry" necklace!

    aroselikethis.blogspot.com xx

  3. the magic dress really does look magic, i hope it hangs in there for a while!!! Loooved Harry's cheekiness at the wedding, what a star x

  4. You look great! And I love those earrings, they are gorgeous!!!

    xx Seph

  5. If I´m not mistaken, I have the same shoes in white and I can say they are fine for my rather wide feet.
    I lllllove the dress, it´s really cute. Everytime I check your blog I´m left totally astounded by your hair - the colour and the haircut. Wish my hair looked like that:)
    The necklace made me giggle, it´s like super cute:) xx

  6. Absolutely gorgeous dress!
    I love your shoes and accessories too:)

  7. Ahh i love this dress so much, i bought it last year in the sale too and i only wore it 2 times and the seams ripped all along the back so i had to take it back but i was literally so gutted! Might have to check ebay for it! Looks great on you :) xx

  8. That dress is so beautiful! I adore the pattern, and it looks amazing with those brogues! Yum, I wish it wasn't too late to go get some Nandos xoxo

  9. Dress is lovely! And the Prince Harry necklace is too cute. I am very jealous of Kate, but even more so of Pippa! Thanks for the fab post! I will remember to enter future giveaways! - got to be in it to win it, right! xxxx

  10. This dress looks fantastic on you, love it. Haha Harry all the way xx :o)

  11. That dress is lovely and the necklace is absolutely amazing! xx

  12. Loving your dress, I have a couple of pieces like that, that I would only vaguely consider getting rid of if I could find a direct replacement. I just got lucky with an H&M cardigan from last year in a dusky pink colour that thankfully they're still making.

  13. My magic dress (the one I wore when I met you!) is slowly falling apart and I'm heartbroken :( I keep it for best now :P I met Hattie/Rachel today and we had THE best time, she is so lovely :D

    Maria xxx

  14. i love this dress!! i think it's so important to have a standby in your wardrobe that always makes you feel good. this is basically how i feel with all my sequin pieces. shit day? throw on a sequin skirt - and dare yourself not to smile. going to echo other comments and also say i love the earrings!!


  15. i totally love your dress! and... i want your necklace!!! :)

  16. i LOVE your dress and I love pieces that can be depended upon like that.

  17. Harry is a better choice. :-)

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