4 January 2011

Girl Crush: Ke$ha

Hey everyone,

My favourite pop star by a MILE at the minute is Miss Kesha Rose Sebert...aka KE$HA!

Although she constantly makes a show of herself, and always tops 'Worst Dressed' lists I just love her.
A lot of her outfits are based around something very simple like a band t-shirt, with lots of layering and textures - especially glitter, studs, fringe and feathers.

I know it's so easy to write her off as a bit of a sleazebag, and of course her album is autotuned to death, but I really love how she doesn't take herself too seriously - isn't that what pop music is all about?!

Do you have an artist/celebrity figure who is your real guilty pleasure?
Is there somebody who always seems to have a hard time in the press, but you love them anyway?

In other news, this is my first post of the year - hoorah! Happy 2011!
I hope you all had a lovely time whatever you did.
Mine was pretty low key, spent with my family in front of the TV with cocktails and nibbles.

I haven't made many solid resolutions yet - except I've started one of the 365 Days projects over on Tumblr. Please feel free to follow me if you'd like!

Oh and one more thing: if you are intending to come to the London Blogger Meet next month, we're going to need a definite confirmation by TOMORROW on the Facebook event, so we can book the lovely venues.

Muchos love,


  1. I love the outfit you've put together; it has essence of kesha with a little less of the skimpiness <3 x

  2. I love Britney, she's such a hot mess!
    Really hope I can come to the blogger meet, trying to get time off from work x

  3. Rai: Hehe maybe, but I haven't put pants anywhere on the outfit...just sayin'! ;D xxxx

    Gem: Oh me too I LOVE Britney! Hope to see you at the meet! :) xxxxx

  4. I am going to check about the event in Ldn but I really don't know if I can make it :( I must admit, I do think Ke$ha is a bit grubby looking but I like how she doesn't take things too seriously... Girl does scrub up well though- I LOVE that last photo! :)

    Maria xxx

  5. Kesha, awe goodness. I downloaded a couple of her songs for my phone. Definitely a guilty pleasure seeing as how I'm a hip hop & R&B head lol

    Brittney is another one. But I don't care, i'll admit to anyone that her music gets me on my feet!

  6. That run DMC tee is incredible. Pure genius!

    And yes, gotta confess that Kesha's definitely on my guilty style-pleasure list. Yes she goes OTT, but I love her crazy make-up and fringes+feathers.
    She's like pocahontas on crack.


  7. oh, ke$ha...not my cup of tea lol

    guilty pleasure in this case - Selena Gomez lol. i dont know i really like her.


  8. Ke$ha is my guilty pleasure, i love her! x

  9. I really loved her CD 'Animal'. 'Your Love is my Drug' is one of my favourites on it and 'Tik Tok' served as a proper nice party anthem NYE 2009 :)

    In terms of style: A lot of people are criticising her for whatever she's wearing but I think she actually puts a lot of thought into it (or her stylist does) - all her feather accesories are actually hand- and custom-made for her!

  10. I know so much people who just hate her for no reason, I am not that much into her music, but definitely into her glitter.
    How can anyone with hair like this and loooooooots of glitter plus heavy boots not be awesome? I also like this layering point, there is alway so much to look at in her outfits, which I really like!

  11. Ooh just looked at your 365, love it so far! I'll be following it.

  12. I have never heard of her before. I'm so ridiculously out of touch with pop culture, haha. That first picture (the one with the feather headdress) is AMAZING, though!


  13. I love Katy Perry even though she's basically become a cartoon of herself. Can't help it :(

  14. Katy Perry is mine, she is so hated, and I think her songs are just OK, enjoyable.

    But I can't help but love her

  15. Christ Carla that Ke$ha outfit is bloody inspired! You should be a celebrity stylist! YOU COULD BE THE NEXT GOK WAN!!!!!!!!!!


  16. Kelly Osbourne. I loved her punk -rock style when she was a teen. I just did a Google on her name and noticed how many cool and cute hair styles she has had over the years.


    http://www.beyondhollywood.com/gallery/stills3/kelly-osbourne-fat-no-more2.jpg (sorry for the fat-hating URL wording, but the photo and outfit is so cute!)



    I also like the bohemian/gypsy style of the Olsen twins, but I am not a fan of their movies or whatever else is that they do.

  17. I love Kesha. She is so skanky and awful but in the best way. Did you see her photoshoot on The City when she just kept saying "I love garbage!" "I love trash bags"?

    Manda x


  18. not really a ke$ha fan myself... but a popstar who I totally love is marina diamandis (a.k.a. marina & the diamonds) i just love her style, very eccentric! I also love florence welch and french singer alizee... (her current style's very classic...!)
    jules x

  19. OMG I love Ke$ha and the outfit you've put together! That's it settled, she's now my style icon for 2011 :D

  20. I love the 365 picture idea! I will definitely be checking that out. Oh and I wanted to let you know that the subtitle on the page says a pic everyday in 2010 instead of 2011! lol