14 December 2010

Peter Pan Collars

Hey everyone,

Sorry for neglecting this blog a little lately. Once again I've been a bit under the weather, but normal service will resume shortly - I promise! *salutes*

Even though I'm a bit low on funds at the moment (ahh jobhunting is so much fun!) I treat myself to an ASOS Peter Pan collared dress I've been coveting since I saw it on Lily's blog.


Also, some of you may remember a little while ago I did a post all about my favourite name necklaces?

Well the lovely people at MyNameNecklace.co.uk sent me one of their Carrie Bradshaw-esque name necklaces to review:

It's very cute and dainty - and makes a refreshing change as I do wear a lot of chunky gold jewerelly.
This one is the "Small Sterling Silver "Carrie" Style Name Necklace" retailing at just £19.95.

Although there are more expensive variations available, such as in gold or sparkling diamond-cut.
There are a lot of websites online selling Carrie necklaces, but the necklace arrived within a week of ordering and came with a free gift box. Their customer service is also second to none.

In other news, I've been sending a lot of emails around about the Plus London Blogger Meet, and have had some brilliant responses from companies I deeply admire.

We've also had a lot of RSVP's - waaay more than we anticipated. But the whole idea of this event is to keep it open, and everyone is welcome to attend.
I'm so excited and can't WAIT to meet you guys!

Otherwise, it's been that time of year again when Christmas is creeping ever closer, and there's lots of eating, drinking and being (very) merry!

The highlight was defintely the Pride Radio North East party on Wednesday.
We went for an Italian meal, then to see the Christmas show at Boulevard - which is now my favourite venue in Newcastle!

I thought it was going to be another gay bar, but OH it's so much more than that!

Since we'd been for a meal, we missed most of the earlier shows, but we caught Betty Legs Diamond and some very scrummy boys in tiny, shiny shorts dancing to 'All I Want For Christmas Is You' - and then for the finalé, a drag version of Cinderella.

My co-host and BFF Daniel and some of the Pride Radio lovelies.

I know pantomime is camp already, but Boulevard takes it to a WHOLE new level!

So yeah an absolutely fabulous night - I'm trying to get tickets to see it again before Christmas!
If you're local, I completely recommend checking it out.

Anyhoo I hope you're all good.
I promise I'll be back soon - I've missed you all!

Muchos love,


  1. Ooh I just wrote a post on peter pan collars a few days ago, I love them so much! Apparently tesco have some pretty peter pan collar dresses for cheap ao I'm going to go on the hunt for one of those :) glad to hear the planning for
    the blogger meet is going good, I wish I could make It! Xoxo


  2. Oh you so need to post an outfit wearing that dress, it's gorgeous! I tried on the Matalan dress but it was waayyy too clingy for me and not at all flattering :c oh well... xx

  3. Ooooh, that matalan one is so cute!

  4. i love, love, LOVE that warehouse dress - a bit steep for me but it looks stunning all the same! x

  5. You're not the only one who wants the ASOS dress. UGH. I am dying. But I am low on funds... well actually I'm saving up because I have a trip next week which = shopping! Grrr. Peter pan collars are so cute.

  6. Great photos. Love the peter pan collars on the dresses are so nice- I want them all!

  7. I have the ASOS dress in the camel and black and I love love LOVE it! I really thought the camel wouldn't suit me, but I decided to get it anyway as they didn't have any of the black and white left in my size. So glad I did! It's definitely my favourite right now.


  8. That Warehouse number is to die for! Payday is coming up too :p

    Katie xox

  9. I love the ASOS one it's very Wednesday Addams!

    Love the necklace to I had a name necklace made about 10 years ago and it recently broke so I've been thinking about getting a replacement for it xoxo

  10. Same as Laura, I got the camel ASOS one and was surprised how nice it is. I wee myself a little bit for Peter Pan collars.

  11. Have definitely missed your lovely blogging self - hope you're feeling much better soon!
    I'm loving the peter pan collars this season too, but I just don't think they'd suit me! YOU on the other hand will be able to pull them off without a flicker of effort - woop! Can't wait to see a peter pan outfit post! :P


  12. I have that ASOS dress too. I'm in love with it!

  13. I adore the peter pan dresses. I've actually ordered some. I love the dresses you've posted :)

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