16 September 2010

CUPCAKE HIATUS! & The Look Show.

Hey everyone,

Just a quick post to say - no cupcakes today, but for a very good reason.
I managed to get a last-minute ticket to The Look Show, which I went to in Spring/Summer to blog for New Look.
It was absolutely fantastic, and I'm so pleased to be going back.

Since it's tomorrow, I've spent all day pulling myself together for it.
I've been under the weather all week, and couldn't go into work today again, which I'm completely and utterly sick of!
Blargh. But I should be better for tomorrow.

My plus-one is also going to be the fabulous Lauren from Pocket Rocket Fashion, one of my favourite fashion bloggers!
Bring on quaffing loads of wine, and beautiful clothes for the chilly Autumn/Winter season.

So I'll get back to you guys on Saturday with a report from the show, and of course - more National Cupcake Week posts!

Be sure to follow me on Twitter as I'll be tweeting at the event.
(If it's anything like last time, beware your timeline will be full of "ZOMG!! KEISHA BUCHANAN!!"...dear me.)

Muchos love,


  1. Ooh I am jealous! Just a little bit. Have a wonderful time Carla, looking forward to reading all about it! xoxo

  2. nice! hope you will have a lot of fun (; xoxo