30 August 2010


Hi everyone,

I've always loved owls, and the shops at the moment are all a-twitter (*boom boom tish!*) with our feathered friends. Here are my favourite picks:

BATWING TOP: New Look, £12.99
HAIRPINS: Topshop, £4.
T-SHIRT: Dorothy Perkins, £22.
RING: Dorothy Perkins, £7.50.
PURSE: Accessorize, £5.


Also, I'm not usually a big fan of animations with animals as main characters, but this looks great:

I love that animations have gone back to the old tradition of showing a cartoon short before the main feature.
And apparently the one they are showing before Legend of the Guardians, is a brand new short featuring Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote - two of my favourite Looney Tunes characters! Excited!

Hope you're all good in your hoods.
Today I could really feel the seasons begin to click together - it's lovely and sunny, but with a little breeze and no humidity. Perfect!

Work is still going well, although I'm not used to this 'getting taxed' business.
I don't even work full time and it seems a right rip off. Grrr, I could be using that money for dresses.

God, I don't want to be an adult.

Muchos love,


  1. I'm more interested in your hooters than anything else, love.

  2. i got a really nice top from topshop with owls all over it! it was a tad pricey but i got abit of discount on it :P


  3. I've noticed loads about too. But we've had twitty twoo friends on tempsec for ages. And more on the way! The dorothy perkins tshirt is awesome. I don't usually go in there so thank you for featuring it.

    Tax is such a pain, i'll never get used to it either! Grrr. xxxx

  4. I'm so excited for "Guardians of Gahoole!" Haha. :)

  5. Silly Old Daniel: Dan if anyone reads that I hope people think you are a dirty old man! ;DD

    aroselikethis: Cool :) xxx

    Cara - british sreet fashion: Nice :) xxxx

    Temporary:Secretary: Oh Temp-Sec you know I love you <333 Yeah I always find with DP, their stuff gets getting in Autumn/Winter :) As for Tax, I'm only working part-time - my metro pass costs an absolute bomb too, so even excluding that - WHY are they taking my monies?! :(

    Gazel M.: Teehee! :) xxxxxxx

  6. ahhh <3 hoot! i absolutely love owls. i am so taking note of all of these items for my next pay day!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  7. i love owls! i have that necklace (i got it at h&m though) and those hair slides from topshop. i also have a plain bronze owl necklace, a gold owl ring (h&m), a silver owl ring and some owl stud earrings xD and my mum bought me this top from dorothy perkins the other day. hmm, maybe i should make my own blog entry about my owl stuff xD sorry to hijack your comment box!

    those owl earrings from asos are super cute, i may have to invest...

    manda x


  8. I love the ASOS earrings, I've wanted them for ages :-)

  9. Oh my god! A tshirt with two of my lovs combined, owls and russian dolls! I have to buy it!

  10. I love owls! That purse is making me want to make a quick run to Accessorize right now :D

  11. I'm with you about the owls! I have an owl necklace (rustic-looking color) and still lovin it! Have a look - http://dialogueswithafruitcake.blogspot.com/2010/06/chillin-out.html

    xo Mavy

    PS: There is a mini giveaway happening on my blog right now, do check it out when you get a chance! =D

  12. totally with you on the whole owl thing.
    i'm obsessed (:
    love your blog.


  13. I LOVE OWLS!xD
    doesn't matter if they are featured on clothes or as an accessories; they were involved in my "summer fashion" and they will get a bigger role in my "autumn fashion" x)