5 July 2010

Outfit Post: Primary Colours!

Hey everyone,

It's my first outfit post in a little while, and one of my new favourite looks I've put together.
I wore this on a night out with Daniel.
The drag queen Miss Kitty announced to the whole pub that I look like Kathy Burke in Gimme Gimme Gimme!
Oh well, I do love that show so I suppose it doesn't matter too much! Teehee.

TOP: Dorothy Perkins, £12 (sale).
SKIRT: Forever 21, $15.
CARDIGAN: Vintage, £8.
BELT: New Look, £2 (sale).
NECKLACE: Vintage, £my mam's.
HAIRBAND: Forever 21, $3.80.
PIN: Heidi Seeker, £3 (through Lillian's blog sale).
BAG: Topshop, £10 (through Lillian's blog sale).
SHOES: Office, £12 (sale).
POINT OF FASHION: Primary Colours.

I know that pink and green aren't primary colours, but the main focuses are red and blue. I like that my bag matches my hair.
I was going to go for red lipstick too, but didn't want to be too gimmicky.

My mam and dad didn't recognise a lot of the clothes when I came downstairs and badgered them for a lift to the metro. But actually a lot of the clothes are quite old - I got the sparkly vest when I was about 17 (FYI: it's a size 12! :O I've never been a size 12 since I was about 10!) and I picked up the cardigan at a Vintage Fashion Fair early last year.

I love wearing clothes I already have in a different way to create a completely new look.
Like I've never tucked a cardigan into a skirt before - but it may well be my new favourite thing to do!

Notice how I'm flashing my pins for once too?
Well, I do have sheer tights on (I just don't like the feeling of being barelegged. I don't like to mention 'chaffing' but apparently the topic has come up here...) but still.

AND you can actually see my tattoo for once - see my right foot?

Yesterday, I went to the Cluny Craft Market with Rachel from Mon Polkadot Cheri.
It's so lovely to have someone local who's into the same blogger-y/shopping escapades at me!
Also we think it's funny because I call her Miss Polkadot and she calls me Miss Messy. Hehe.

Oh! I almost forgot. At one point we took a wrong turn and ended up on the dodgy side of town where tracksuits and scruffy trainers reign.
Thankfully we managed to get a taxi to The Cluny for a few quid. And we really did stand out a bit.
Our taxi driver came out with the almighty:


Welcome to Newcastle, everyone! I do love it.

Anyway, there was some wonderful local talent there including:

Tara Scholes Jewellery Design.
Mia Design. (I could have honestly have spent all of next month's pay here!)
Emma Louise Originals.
Rule Brittania.
BOBU Couture.
and Little Miss Delicious. (who you already know I love!)

New York has still pretty much wiped me out until I start my new job on July 19th, so I couldn't buy as much as I would have usually. But I did get a few bits and peices:

The keychain is by Little Miss Delicious.
I also bought a yummy cake ring, but because I'm an idiot - I put it in the bottom of my bag, and two of the deliciate peices on the crust broke off - so I'm asking Maxine to fix it for me!
The bow pin (I can never resist anything with a bow - or polka dots) was by BOBU Designs.

Rachel bought an Australian stamp pendant by Emma Louise Originals.
It was actually mounted on a vintage Scrabble peice, which I thought was really cool!

I know a couple of you went to the event after hearing about it on this blog, which is absolutely ace ace ace.
If you did miss it - don't worry!
Everyone is going to be back this Saturday (10th July) for the Launch party for 'Made In Newcastle', which is a brand new pop-up shop opening in Nunn Street.
It's amazing that local designers will have a premises to sell their designs in.

And the launch is going to be super-fun!
There's going to be a catwalk fashion show, a doodle jam and a swap shop.
The last one basically means - come bring something you'd like to swap, for something new!
Especially great some someone (like me) who is currently counting the pennies.

Local folk please consider coming, supporting and having a great time.
(Click the links to take you straight to the Facebook event page)

Next, thank you to everyone who tuned in and got in touch with me and Daniel during our first radio show together.
There were a few technical hitches at the start (due to debut show nerves) but we soon got into the swing of things for our 4th of July special.

We're back next Sunday July 11th, again from 6pm-9pm GMT on PrideRadio.co.uk.
Yes. Right when the stupid stupid stupid World Cup Final is happening.
So we're having a People-Who-Don't-Like-The-World-Cup Party - all the best tunes from your singing WAGS (Cheryl and Posh, mostly - are there any others who are singers/in bands/useful?).
And also our favourite artists from around the world!
I'll post rememberals on Twitter closer to the time, so be sure to listen out for us.

Finally, I got my university degree results.
I am now Carla Benstead, Media Production (Televison & Radio) BA (Hons) 2.1.
YES. 2.1.
How I managed that, I frankly have NO idea.
(If you fancy studying Media - this is the link to my course)

My graduation is in exactly a week's time.
Outfit planning must commence.
It's suggested we wear something with a collar, and my wardrobe is entirely collar-less.
Hmmm. Shops ASAP, I reckon.

Muchos love,

PS: I'm selling some items on Ebay!
Please go and check them out? Thank you, muchly.


  1. I love your eclectic style.

  2. congratulations on the grades! Woop woop! and your legs look great in that outfit - you should get them out more often

  3. Such a cute outfit! You look adorable. x

  4. Congratulations Carla! Brains and beauty :)

    Maria xxx

  5. well done ony our grades! be proud ladycakes! i envy your legs, not gonna lie!

    i really dont see the Linda comparison but yeah, i love gimme gimme gimme too so its a fun compliment haha!

  6. Well done for uni and loving the taxi driver ha!


  7. Well done on your degree results clever clogs! Looking fab as always in your pic, I'm with you on the bare legs thing btw!
    The taxi drivers comment made me laugh!!

  8. Really love the outfit!
    And congratulations :)

  9. I love the mix of colors, everything comes together so well! The flats are adorable. Congratulations!

    Lexy of Beautylicious Fashionista

  10. I'm going to say you look like the classier, sexier version of Kathy Burke. You perfected the style that she was going for, so thumbs up. Also, I love the whole tuck in cardigan style. I'll have to try that.


  11. Wooo yesterday was amazing! You spotting that "crackhouse" with the same colour scheme as your blog was a byker highlight for me.

    "Also we think it's funny because I call her Miss Polkadot and she calls me Miss Messy. Hehe."
    Only cos you're likely to hurt me if I call you the one me and Daniel came out with yesterday!

    Cant wait for saturday

  12. Wow i loove the outfit Carla! I'm shocked i never get called after Linda, but you definately don't look remotely like her :P

  13. I love all the bright colours! Your shoes are dreamy:)

  14. You look gorgeous Carla! I definitely don't see anything similar between you and that lady other than you both having short bright colored hair! That skirt is lovely! I hope they add it on the website soon. xo


  15. Gazel M.: Thanks :)

    Magatha-May: Thank you - aww that's so sweet xoxo

    Helen: Thank yooou :) xxxx

    Danni and Maria: PFFT I wish! Teehee, thanks :) xxxx

    lo: Haha we have VERY similar personalities actually, so it was intevitable really :DD xxx

    Lucy: Thanks, and I love funny/pervy taxi drivers. Once I had laryngitis and the driver told me I had a "lovely, sexy voice". Whuut haha?!!

    Laura - Emerald Green 88: Aww thank you, we were laughing too! :DD xxxxx

    ..R May A..: Thank you, thank you! :DD xxx

    Lexy: Awww cheers, I love those flats too. Pink and gold are two of my favourite colour combos!

    Michaniya Cunningham: Haha thank you :DD xxx

    Rach: EEE "AS IF!!" "NAR LIKE!" What a quotable day. :) xxxxx

    Lillian Funny Face: Haha thank you, Mrs! Eee I do a bit Lillian :DD xxxxxxxxx

  16. I absolutely love your hair! Not like Lynda in Gimme Gimme Gimme at all. Very Jealous you nabbed that bag. I got the black and white one from Topshop ages ago and wore it out...tried repairing it but its beyond that lol.
    I'm starting to get addicted to this blog, love it. :]


  17. love it! funny stories indeed :)

    ooh! cute stuff on ebay, only available for bidding to UK users only?

    for future reference, how would shipping work out for say someone like me on the West Coast of the US :D

  18. It was nice to meet you at the Cluny - hopefully see you at Made in Newcastle too!

  19. I really love the skirt! Never really seen another one like it; good F21 find.

  20. love the outfit! Just a quick question, Have I missed the post of you answering the questions we asked or have you forgotten about it ?

  21. Cara: Aww thank you, I love that bag too. Check out Lillian's blog (who I bought the bag from) - she's such a creative dresser, I love her :DD xxxxx

    ezzie :): Sorry I just always sell on Ebay UK as I have no idea what shipping fees around the world would be! xxxxx

    Anika: Awww thank you :) xxx

    Emma Louise Originals: You too, hope you had a successful day for sales - looking forward to tomorrow :)

    Kate: Yeah I absolutely love Forever 21!

    sarah: I posted on Twitter how I didn't have time to do it because of my dissertation. But I may plan one for after my giveaway? :) xxx