1 July 2010

Back from New York City!

Hey everyone,
I'm back from the concrete jungle where dreams are made of!
I had a fabulous, but exhausting time, and have been catching up on some much needed sleep.
But I figure instead of me talking about it, I'll just share a bunch of pictures, right? Right.

First some holiday snaps:

(I'd just like to point out these were taken the first two days - hence only two outfits. The weather in the last few days was so humid everyone looked like hot messes!)

Our everyday walk up to Times Sqaure.
Spot my Sephora bag - naughty naughty, Carla!
(Scroll down for hauls)

You already know how much I love Barbie. So can I live here, please?

WARNING: Not A Flying Toy!

I ended up seeing Toy Story 3 in 3D Imax and it is absolutely BRILLIANT.
SO true to the series, and I laughed all the way through.
Be warned, you might need some tissues though as I was bauling my eyes out at the end.

On the steps of the Cosby house.

With a classic Black & White Cookie. Nom.


And now for my cheeky hauls:

Geeky t-shirts from the NBC Store. 3 for $65.
The "Pivot! PIVOT! PIVOT!" scene is my favourite ever Friends moment.
The blooper is amazing too:

My geekier still purchase from the NBC Store.
My Andy Bernard mug from Kelly's 'America's Got Talent Season Finale Party!' - $12.
Good God, I LOVE The Office.

JIM: Make the face?

From Forever 21.
SKIRT (Faith 21 range): $15.80.
HAIRBAND: $3.80.

Close up of the fabric on the cardigan! So beautiful!

From Sephora.
SmashBox Primer: $32ish.
Stila Lipgloss: $10ish.

From Patricia Field.
PURSE: $64 (Down from $195!!)

(Apologies you can see me reflected wearing my jammies!)
When I showed Daniel the purse, he commented that it looks like something Samantha Jones would carry! Teehee.
(Link/video NSFW, obviously)

It's so pretty!

Oh God, that's me spent up for a while.

But saying that I'm going to the Cluny Craft Market on Sunday with Rachel from Mon Polkadot Cheri (previously known as Polkadot Stripes!), and already have a few items on my shopping list.
Check out the Facebook event page for full listings of who's gonna be there - including the darling Little Miss Delicious.
Please consider going if you're local - it's completely free, and it's always wonderful to support your local, independent designers.

Hope you've all been keeping well since I've been away.
I've now got over 400 followers - thank you, thank you so much!

Muchos love,


  1. OMG I want The Office stuff!

    So glad you had a nice time :-)

  2. Ah, so jealous! I adore New York. That Patricia Field purse is amazing!

    Also, my friends and I regularly recreate the 'pivot' sketch. Love it.

    Glad to have you back! xx

  3. Wow you really are spent up, I love the cardigan. Looking forward to Sunday. My phones off for the day so fb message me details of us meeting please darling?

  4. LOVE New York (and that cardi!) - you look like you did way more non-typical New York stuff than me when I went. Where was this Barbie world?


  5. I'm so jealous! That Toy Story 3 photo is awesome, as is the Friends shirt - Pivot! PIVOT! PIVOT! haha. I'm glad that you had a good time :D

  6. Loooove all the pics and you are still rocking that fab tan! :D


  7. Helen: Fabulous isn't it? And one of my favourite colour combinations - pink, black and gold! Hehe, glad to BE back :) xxxx

    Katkins1982: I totally geeked out, I could have bought everything in the shop. :DD

    Rach: Ooh I may wear it on Sunday, I'll get back to you :) xxxx

    Lucy: Yeah we went on a night tour and TV & Movie Locations tour, which were both brilliant! Definately recommended. The Barbie section was in Toys R Us in Times Sqaure, I was in HEAVEN!

    Becky: Haha, I'm such a nerd I couldn't help but snap a pic in the Toy Story box! "PIVOT! PIVOT! PIVOT!"

    Fushball: Thank you :)

  8. I love the Forever 21 cardi - the detail is lovely!

    Also, I am so jealous of your Office purchases! I saw someone wearing the Dunder Mufflin shirt the other day and laughed out loud.. alone.. in a supermarket.. haha.

    Oh, and I voted for you too :)


  9. Your wallet is so pretty! I live in NYC and I have never even been to the Cosby's house, need to check that out.


  10. I was in NYC recently and I loved it...Glad you had a fab time.....Your purchases are nice!!

  11. i love your hair! and the print on the cardigan is wonderful :) x

  12. That first dress is just super gorgeous x

  13. I don't know what I'm more jealous of: your hair, your haul, that epic Ghostbusters find, or your seeing Toy Story 3. Oh, wait, defo the last one! ;)

    Nominated you, my dear. Glad you had such a good time; that cardie is so cute and in conclusion: Don't cross the streams.

  14. Oh my word, what I'd give to go to New York!

    Looks like you had an amazing time, & you certainly got some great things :)

    Particularly loving those 'Friends' related tshirts - classic!


  15. everything you did looks so fun! :D

    i work near a forever21, any chance you remember which collection that cardi is from? i want to see it in person! ;)

    is it also Faith21 piece? or maybe twelvebytwelve?

  16. Ahhh looks like you had a fab time, I want to shed a little tear of jealousy!

  17. The office & friends are 2 of my all time favorite shows! I love those shirts. especially that "pivot" one. Im going to have to check those out!

  18. Hey love, you look so great and you look fashionable, and you look like you had FUN!!! Love the purchases, especially the cardigan and Patricia Field. Good luck in the awards - I voted. x.

  19. The purse and cardigan are so beautiful!
    You are so lucky!
    I nominated you for two sections in the voting thing- hope you win, I love the blog!
    Your gorgeous, and your clothes are amazing- glad your back!

  20. Oh and can I be nosy and ask which hotel you stayed in? I'm trying to plan a NYC trip before the end of 2010 and I'm trying to put together a list of potential hotels! Thanks!!

  21. Fabulous blog post! Loved reading this one, everything you bought looks lush!


  22. OMG! Pivot! I love that clip! Love the tees and the cardigan. That pic in the Toy Story box is epic! Literally cannot wait to see the film, especially when Barbie meets Ken! Wow! xx

  23. That cardigan i divine! I love it.

  24. Elizabeth: Haha I love it too, and thank you so much for your vote :) xxxx

    BabyFabzMom: Ooh do, it's in the village and SJP lives 6 blocks away :) xxxxx

    The Invisible Fashionista: Thank you :) xxxx

    Amy: Aww cheers, it's in good need of a dye after being in the hardcore sun and humidity for a week :) xxxxxx

    Rai: Thanks, it's my current favourite. Just so girly - there's an Outfit Post here: http://messycarla.blogspot.com/2010/06/outfit-post-casual-prom.html

    blueskypenguin: HAHA love it, cheers Natalie! xxxxx

    Rach: D'aww thank you :) xoxo

    heartshapedbruise.: It's such a fantastic place, amazing especially for outfit spotting. I love my geeky t-shirts! xxxx

    ezraley: The cardi is twelvebytwelve, and the skirt is Faith 21 :) xxxxxx

    Laura - Emerald Green 88: Awww I hope you make it there someday. I had to save up my money hardcore style to be able to go, so maybe put a little in the kitty every month? It soon adds up :)

    carly: ME TOO :) xxxxxx

    Em. x.: Awww thank you so much Em <333

    Ria- The Beaucoup Review book blog.: Thank you so much, that's so ace of you. And it's great to BE back! xxxx

    letterprof: Cheers hun :)

    VintageGirl87: Barbie and Ken are brilliant in the film, every scene with them is hysterical :DD

    Gazel M.: Thanks :)

    2manycupcakes: Me too, thank you! xxxxx

  25. I'm off to New York in August! Where would you recommend shopping wise?


  26. The Barbie Store - SO JEALOUS!!