30 October 2009

Outfit Post.

Been WAAAY too long since I did an outfit post.

DRESS: Topshop, £23.
CARDIGAN: New Look, £12.
SCARF: Primark, £3.
TIGHTS: Borrowed from my sister, £FREE!
SHOES: (Sorry you can't see them properly) Primark, £5.
NECKLACE: (You can just see it peaking out at the top of my scarf) Primark, £2.50.
POINT OF FASHION: Pub lunch with my friend Claire.

Ignore the slighly crazy hair. That's what happens when I don't toweldry it properly before blowdrying. And it's already growing rather long already - it's only been a few weeks since it got chopped. And I was whinging about it then - you really can't please me!

Halloween tomorrow, wooo!
BIG shout out to my friends Sam and Neale whose radio show is starting again tomorrow on Spark FM. Check out the event here and listen live here from 2pm til 4pm.
I'm also in talks to share this blog with Spark FM which sounds awesome. I'll keep you posted.

Muchos love,

1 comment:

  1. Hey I can finally comment now, I have a blog again!
    I didn't think your hair was crazy? Believe me, mine after any prolonged periods outside is just ridiculous. =P
    congratulations on the Spark FM chats too. Hope they share the blog. =]