8 October 2009


Once again, Accessorize peaks during the Autumn/Winter months.
Epecially with their appliequed stuff - oh, the applique!

I would update this more often, but I've actually been shopping less than I ever have, despite now having my loan and bursary from uni. But funds have been put towards my shared house, and visiting my schoolfriend Marie in Poitiers next month.

I always said that I'd rather spend money on dresses than food. But it's too easy to look at the tins of soup in your cupboard, think "bugger this" and go to Starbucks around the corner for a lovely frappuchino.

I'm also trying really hard to cut down this week in case anybody's interested - I've enforsed a ban on crisps til next Saturday.

Back on topic though, I couldn't resist buying this hat from River Island:

The jury's out as to whether it's a panda with white ears, a polar bear with with mascara circles or a ghost with pompom ears. I've already seen another girl in uni wearing it. Grrr.
Muchos love,

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