30 September 2009


Let's kick this off with Autumn fashion. Autumn is the season for my Seasonal Affective Disorder to kick in...bring on the mood swings and panic attacks! All I've been doing lately in either work or uni, so the internet has been my saviour, rather sadly. My picks for this Autumn are:

I stopped wearing t-shirts the past few years because I practically lived in jeans and t-shirts during my college years, but methinks I need to stock up on the above.

The panda, umbrella, I Shoot People and BOOOO monster are Topman.
The Flamingo and Zebra are in the Dorothy Perkins sale.
The Barbie one is New Look. (and sold out online in my size...sort it out, N.L.?)

Seriously though, how good is New Look at the minute?! Can't wait for this stuff to arrive in the shops...the one at the Metro Cente didn't have most of the above. BOO!

MessyCarla xx

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