17 November 2013

WISHLIST: Christmas

Hey everyone,

I come to you with another wish list.

God, it's cold now isn't it?
I've had a year off from blisteringly cold British winters - long gone are the days of my Geordie youth of going out without a coat on (yes, that's a thing we do here).
I'm now well wrapped up.

Now that Halloween and Bonfire Night have been and gone, talk immediately turns to the holidays!

Being part-neurotic and part-unable-to-handle-busy-shops-without-having-a-hissy-fit I actually have a lot of my shopping done already - with just my dad, sister and Daniel to go!

However I haven't given a lot of thought as to what I'm asking Santa for, so I thought I'd make a list up now in case any elves are trolling the internet on their lunch breaks.

If you follow me on Twitter you'll know that I've recently started a new job - hooray!

I'm working in travel and tourism in a friendly office in the city centre - two weeks in and I'm throughly enjoying it!

There's however lots to learn and I've been really busy lately, and sadly my October Favourites post ended up being only half finished.

But I thought it'd be nice to still post the October Instagram throwback section here to look back on the best bits of the last month - as it really was quite a good'un!

Georgina (far right) got engaged so we celebrated by having a few too many drinks.
Everyone else was very civilised and (naturally) we brought the tone down slightly by doing a round of shots just as her family arrived!

What I basically lived in: bat leggings, bunny jumper and gold chain all from Primark.

Forever browsing Halloween aisles.
Tartan and Dr Martens = winning combination for Autumn!

Mint hot chocolate - Options is my brand of choice.
I baked spicy ginger cookies - they didn't last long!

Italian Catholic Mother bought me this tree from the Halloween section - it's going to double as my creepy Christmas tree. It's going to look so cute with baubles and tinsel, non?

My sister defying the 'no pets' rule in her building.

I went to visit my sister in Glasgow, and we also had a day in Stirling which was so much fun!

I went to my friend Lauren's for drinks, pizza, cake and we watched Les Miserables.
L'Occitane goodies!

Preview of the Autumn Style Clinic with Cosmopolitan at the MetroCentre. There was an awesome presentation on holiday sparkle by the style team and I fell in love with this clutch from Accessorize.

Christmas showcase at Fat Buddah. The honey-chilli chicken was especially delicious. 

"Ariel listen to me, the human world - it's a mess!"
Gettin' my mermaid on for Halloween.

I'm sorry again I didn't get enough time to round up some of my favourite products and do a full post - however I couldn't resist posting my new favourite nail polishes from Model's Own; inspired by the melon liqueur Midori: 


Muchos love,


  1. OMG that dress is gorgeous! Hope Santa is reading this so you find it under your tree on Christmas morning.

    I've been living in Newcastle for 6 months now and was VERY proud of myself for going out without a coat to hit the shops yesterday ... I regretted it though cos I was FROZEN by the afternoon :( So wont be doing that again, I now leave it to the experts ;)

  2. Absolutely LOVE that dress! I want all of ModCloth....

  3. You appear to have a thing for bunny jumpers! So cute ^__^

  4. That little tree is so cute ^.^