18 December 2011

Guest Post: What Olivia Did

Hi everyone,

Next up from the wonderful guest bloggers is the gorgeous Olivia from What Olivia Did.

The blogosphere is a funny old place, as I've adored Olivia's blog for ages now (and is one of my favourites) but I had no idea she reads MessyCarla so was very pleasantly surprised when I she contacted me!

A mix of beauty, fashion, music, interviews and recipes - there's always something a bit different working it's way into her blog, so it is never monotonous.
And one of those blogs where I go "Eeep, you've posted!" when a new post pops up on my dashboard.

Olivia was very rightly so the winner of Best New Fashion Blog at the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards 2011, and if you don't love her already...you soon will.

Warning: girl crush imminent!

Muchos love,

When Carla said I was welcome to guest post a style post on her blog, my mind went into overdrive.
I wanted to bring something cool, interesting and preferably bright to Carla's blog, and with my somewhat conservative style I was determind to dive (ever so slightly) out of my comfort zone.


When I think of Carla and her style I think bright, fun, ladylike and well, damn right awesome.

Now, although I wanted inject a little fun into my post today I also, wanted to stick to my signature style- something you'll probably know Carla does with ease.

After rummaging into the depths of my Narnia like wardrobe, I realised two things: one is that my wardrobe is severly lacking in leopard print, and that I don't have that many bright colours (someone throw me something red or pink purlease?)

Anyway, after rummaging through spotted trousers, chunky jumpers it hit me.
What are the two things that I could wear to inject a little ladylike fun into my style?
A classic dress and some lolz tights! Simples.

These are also the two items I'd probably say Carla wears like a PRO.
No matter what the colour or style they suit everyone and can be worn with anything to any occassion. Versatile, huh?

Therefore, after scouring the internet I have dished out some of my favourite dresses and tights for the coming months, making a lust-wrothy list that I'd like to think would do Carla proud!


Thanks for having me over Carla!
For more wish lists, lolz tights and awkward posing you can find me at 'What Olivia Did'!


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  1. oooh I love that teal warehouse dress. Mixing prints is great fun and you did it in a subtle way that everyone can try out :) x